Muffincraft in need of a plugin developer

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Meapa, Dec 26, 2011.

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    My server, Muffincraft, is in need of a plugin developer to help with our server needs (will be explained)
    if you would like to help reply with this:
    Plugin Skills: (/10)
    OTher Info:
    Meapa and whole of Muffincraft
  2. I'm waiting for you to explain... :p
    Also it's a good idea to tell what you want to give back to the dev(s).
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    If you still need help, I can do it.

    Questions though: (Some of which should have been answered if you read this)

    • What do I gain from this?
    • What kinds of things (even decently minor) would I write? (Eg: A cuboid related plugin or a chat plugin)
    • Would I work with another dev?
    • Are you OK with me making what I build public (Bukkit Dev and/or GitHub)?

    If you can answer these, PM me. (Just don't PM saying "Still interested?", just answer at least the first 3 questions).
    Once I get a PM, I will send you my IGN and stuff you asked for... Or you can take a wild guess at 90% of it >.>
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    Yeah, I wasn't sure what the best category was to put my thread in, and I'm seeing these kind of threads in three different categories, so I'm trying to get coverage in all three without triple posting.

    And thanks.

    /me tips hat.
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    You just put it in a catagory you think is right.
    If its not then just ask for it to be moved
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    @fysics @Meapa
    I'm glad you two resolved this peaceably, I just removed the two posts to remove any actual "hijacking"
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    Ok :) To me its okay to do that as long as its not server/mod advertising :)

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