Moving 'world' to 'oldworld' forces 1.2 map format conversion again

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dalphi, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I have a world, named 'world' that was created probably with 1.0 bukkit. When I upgraded to bukkit 1.2 beta, it converted the world to the new format and everything was fine.

    I created a new world with 1.2, I called it 'newworld'. I did this with multiverse. After getting it in shape, I wanted to move 'world' to 'oldworld' and 'newworld' to 'world'.

    So I take down the server, move 'world' to 'oldworld', move 'newworld' to 'world'. Then I change the config.yml for Multiverse to reflect the changes. When I start bukkit back up, it decides it needs to convert 'oldworld' to the new map format. I decided to let it go through this process, but when I log in, things seem to be scrambled. Buildings are there, but they're no long in the right spot.

    If I restore the world and revert the multiverse config back, bukkit starts up fine and doesn't try to convert the world. It seems bukkit thinks it should be converted simply because I changed the name from 'world' to 'oldworld'.

    Why would bukkit think this world needs to be converted again? And how can I prevent it from doing so?

    Nevermind, total newb mistake. I already had an oldworld directory from ages ago with a 1.0 world, so when I moved world to oldworld I actually was moving world to oldworld/world , and bukkit picked up the 1.0 world that existed in oldworld and was doing the right thing by converting the world..sigh.

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    try to launch that world single player
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