Moving global spawn point.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Rext, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Ok so i though moving the spawn point would be simple. Well I was completely wrong. As it turns out when I first created my server I had a big flat portion to create a spawn building. Then when I set spawn the x and z positions were correct but the y was under the spawn. So I moved the spawn to the exact layer 63 and it works fine. Then when I made a new world and move the spawn onto it I made sure to place the building in the ground. But however when I spawn I spawn of in the forest a short walk from the spawn. I have set the global spawn with mc edit, world painter, /setspawn with spawn control plugin, dreamworld plugin, multiverse and much more. However if I die I still spawn in that forest. And no it is not just my character. I had my friend come on with an account that has never been on the server before and he still spawned in that same place. I really need to know how to set spawn other wise my build was a waste of time. Please help me.

    For more info the plugins I have are...
    AutoHelp, CommandBook, CraftBukkitUptodate, Dreamland, Glowool, Help, Itemvoid, Multivers, Mxantipvpcheat, Okchat, PermissionsEX, Spawncontrol, Vault, Voxelsniper, Worldedit, Worldguard, Administrate, Chatmanager, Modifyworld, Permissions, and Citizens

    I am running my server off the latest version of craft bukkit.
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    Did you even read my post?
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    You said I really need to know how to set spawn.
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    Omg *facepalm*

    I said I need to know how to fix my problem cause setting spawn the normal way isn't working!

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    Well, you say MCEdit wasn't working, after changing spawn location and hitting Ctrl+S? I'm not sure, try going above layer 64...? Probably won't help you any, but it's worth a shot when nothing at all seems to be working. I don't know what could be causing this. Did you try setting it with MCEdit then running the world without craftbukkit and plugins to see if it still happens? =/
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    I completely re-made my server from scratch and only installed a few plugins. The problem was conflicting plugins.
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