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    If someone can do something remotely like this:

    with a plug in i'd be instantly on top of it.

    To describe the video that's the Mo' creatures mod for single player. Basically the creator made more creatures and items and some of it is amazing. For instance birds that chase seeds players can drop, tamable horses and saddles, bears that kill other mobs, lions, wolves, Ogres that destroy blocks, and Werewolves that transform at night.

    So not that I think it should be copied but something that adds more creatures would be great. Not even sure that's possible on the plug in side yet.
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    It's not possible server-side. you'd need a client-side mod as well.
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    Ah yes, that would make sense. Damn, oh well.
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    If I have the client-side mod, what else do I need? since my server only has a few people playing it should be fine.
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    It would require a custom version of bukkit and the mod, since each new mob represents a new entity that has to be handled by the server.

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