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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by coolguyman21, Feb 2, 2019.

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    Plugin Category: Fixes/Fun
    Version: 1.14
    Suggested Name: More Merchants

    With the latest snapshot of 1.14 the introduction of merchant villagers has been added to the long list of changes coming soon. There is however one problem that currently exists with this mob. That is its spawn rate is extremely low. There can also only be 1 merchant villager in the whole world unless spawned by eggs from creative mode. I would like to see a plugin with a config file that allows you to set More_Merchants: true which would enable more than 1 merchant villager to spawn at a time in the world. As well as a configurable spawn rate which will allow you to have more of these mobs spawning. This could be in the form of a multiplier not sure on the details.

    This plugin would be extremely useful for servers since having many players on a server means the merchant villager has a very low chance of spawning near you. On top of the already low spawn rate and lack of multiple merchants. By setting a higher spawn rate and lifting the cap on how many of these mobs can exist in the world servers will be able to get a more lively gameplay experience.
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    1.14 isnt out yet for craftbukkit, spigot, or paper....
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    Okay, here you go.


    As bryansolis13 said...
    .. so it's for the highest version of bukkit so far, but possibly will be compatible further.

    If you set the RandomDiameter really high, you can get your villagers quite anywhere. Just read the manual. Let's see if you are happy with this "kind of solution", or you want it different way. I tested the plugin only in creative and with mob spawners, so if you catch any bug, just let me know.
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    Yes, of course, 1.14 isn't out yet but that doesn't mean that this idea isn't worth putting out there so development can begin as soon as 1.14 does come out. Also since the snapshot is out I would be really surprised if someone couldn't begin working on it. The files for this mob are there. The spawn rates and cap of 1 per world are in your files if you download the snapshot. I don't see why it wouldn't be worth starting now.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @TheEctoplasm Try using the build in logger instead of System.out.println
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    Yep I know about the loggers but I didn't find a need to use one for printing one message to a console. I usually use System for very raw debugging and Logger for actual messages that might need some formatting, so when I'm done I can easily get rid of debug prints with a macro. I agree in this case might be better to use logger as it's basically a final code, but I am not aware of any differences when printing simple text.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @TheEctoplasm getLogger().log.
    The logger can be filtered, the raw messages can not be filtered.
    While talking about logging: no need to print startup messages, Bukkit does that for you.
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    Thanks I’ll give this a shot.
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