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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by ChipDev, Nov 30, 2014.

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    I was taking a look at spigot and they have a lot more like options, like 'Funny', 'Helpful', 'Interesting', and 'Happy', I think this would be good to add because you can share your opinions more!
    If you click on like, it will like the post, then an OPTIONAL choice.
    This does not affect your likes, it is just opinion. So you can still have likes!
    Thanks for reading!,
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    I think more options is silly :) I either like a post or I don't, marking it as "funny" is equal to liking it imo.
  3. ChipDev Personally I've never been a fan of forums that do this. It just seems too many options really, and what if you have something like "informative" and "funny", and a post is both of those? Which should you go for? Or will it allow one vote on each, in which case there'll probably be too many "likes" per post, which might make it seem somewhat misleading.

    Another problem would be if including negative ratings as I've seen on some sites. People tend to give negative ratings if they just disagree with the post, not necessarily if they deserve it. Final issue that comes to mind - what would happen to the current likes people have gotten? Would they all be shifted over to a certain type of like? I wouldn't like that, because I've liked posts for different reasons, i.e. because they're funny, or because they're helpful, etc... I'd feel obligated to go back over all of them and correct them to the type I intended, and I don't really want to do that :p
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    I'm going to include that into the post: you can rate once per post (like usual) it will have a little "choose" popular which will ask for your opinion, which counts as 1 like.
    Peoples likes will stay the same, because all the choices count as 1 like.
    Also: no need to go back to the past adamqpzm, stay in the future.
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    So what exactly would the benefit of this be over normal "likes"?
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    Let's say I liked your post because it was funny, I could say that. There isn't really a benefit :p
  7. I personally just prefer the like button, I see no reason for a "funny" and "helpful" buttons, you can like a post because it made you laugh or it helped you. So I don't see an reason to add more, they kind of overlap in my opinion.
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    The main issue I see is people use the "optimistic" option to be sarcastic.

    And yes, many of them do overlap one another. I think a single like is best.
  9. Personally, wouldn't that just seem like bukkit would be just copying spigotmc by adding them to the forums, bukkit seems very simple with the like / report etc, not all the funny etc - it's not needed, and seems like a big copy of a different website.
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    Then just hit the like button. Why should there be more options?
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    Would it hurt?
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    Personally there should only be one like button. The Bukkit Forums are supposed to be imforative. Not full of humorous jokes. If something is funny then just reply saying so. There shouldn't be multiple "Like" symbols under a message that says if it is humorous or imformative.
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    Going to go with no on this.
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