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  1. Plugin Configuration GUI


    Hello there!

    I would like to present my latest project, which has really tested my programming skills.

    This program is a far more resourceful deviation of my last project, which was called Group Manager GUI. Basically, the program is a GUI for CraftBukkit server plugins, so that their settings can be edited more accessibly when the server is offline.

    At the moment only the Essentials Core and Essentials Group Manager are fully supported, but I am working on CommandBook and then going to continue adding more.

    The Program

    Once the program loads, the user inputs the location of the CraftBukkit server plugin directory, and a file check runs through and finds any plugins that are present. If there are any recognised plugins available, the OK button will enabled and the user will be able to proceed onto the main window.

    Once the main window has opened, the program will try to import all of the settings for the plugins it recognises. The plugin names will be listed along the top of the tab control, and if the user clicks on them, a page will be shown detailing all the settings for that particular plugin that can be changed. The following screenshots should say it all:
    (Settings for Essentials Core)​
    (Rules & MOTD Text Editor for Essentials)​
    (Multi-world Group/User Editor for Group Manager)​
    (CommandBook Basic Settings Page)​
    YAML Parsing
    I have created my own DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that manages YAML databases, and as well as being able to directly modify the code by iterating through lines, it now features the ability to export a collection of nodes as a TreeNode array for use with a TreeView control.​
    If you are interested in using this for your own .NET application, feel free to download the latest DLL build here, and make reference to it in your program's acknowledgements.​
    If you are lucky enough to catch me on this forum late in the evening, when I am usually wide awake, I will most likely be able to give you a tutorial on how to use it.​
    Below is a list of the current methods that can be invoked.​
    • LoadFile ---------- Imports databse from a file.​
    • SaveFile ---------- Exports a database to a file.
    • ListPaths --------- Creates a list of node paths.
    • PathExists -------- Checks whether a path exists.
    • NodeExists ------- Checks whether a node exists.
    • KeyExists --------- Checks whether a key exists.
    • MultiKeyExists --- Checks whether a multikey exists.
    • FlagExists -------- Checks whether a flag exists.
    • GetNodes -------- Returns a list of node names.
    • GetKeys ---------- Returns a list of key names.
    • GetMultiKeys ---- Returns a list of multikey names.
    • GetFlags --------- Returns a list of flag names.
    • GetValue --------- Gets the value of a regular key.
    • GetValues -------- Gets the values of a multiline key.
    • RepairSpacing ---Corrects particular indenttaion errors.
    • ChangeSpacing -- Changes the size of indent spacing.
    • ShiftFlags -------- Aligns flags with either parent or children.
    • AddNode --------- Adds a new node under a given path.
    • AddKey ----------- Adds a new key under a given path.
    • AddMultiKey ----- Adds a new multikey under a given path.
    • AddFlag ---------- Adds a new flag under a given path.
    • RemoveNode ---- Removes a node from a given path.
    • RemoveKey ------ Removes a key from a given path.
    • RemoveMultiKey - Removes a multikey from a given path.
    • RemoveFlag ------ Removes a flag from a given path.
    • SetValue ---------- Sets the value of a prticular key.
    • SetValues --------- Sets the values of a particular multikey.
    Thank you for taking the time to read through this thread.
    Please feel free to comment, bookmark, and try out the program!
    Latest Version
    Version 1.7 - Download Zip File (247 KB)
    Older Versions
    Version 1.0 - Download Zip File (200 KB)
    Version 1.1 - Download Zip File (207 KB)
    Version 1.2 - Download Zip File (205 KB)
    Version 1.3 - Download Zip File (207 KB)
    Version 1.4 - Download Zip File (209 KB)
    Version 1.5 - Download Zip File (215 KB)
    Version 1.6 - Download Zip File (215 KB)
    Apparently, in order to run this program on Linux or any operating system other than Windows, one needs to install Mono Framework from here.

    Version History

    Version 1.0
    - Initial Version.
    Version 1.1
    - Added Kits and Backup Command for Essentials Core.
    Version 1.2
    - Redesigned GUI system.
    - Added basic support for Group Manager.
    - Essentials Core no longer required to edit other plugins.
    Version 1.3
    - Group Manager can now edit the following:
    => Group Permissions
    => Group Inheritances
    => Group Info Values
    Version 1.4
    - Group Manager can now edit the following:
    => User Permissions
    => User Memberships
    Version 1.5
    - Now runs on custom DLL.
    - Started on CommandBook.
    Version 1.6
    - CommandBook Miscellaneous.
    Version 1.7
    - Added multiline support to DLL.
    - CommandBook Rules & MOTD.
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    Why Essentials? I like CommandBook more. :D
    Nice work I have to say :)
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  3. Thank you very much, Lolmewn. :)
    I am literally on the verge of publishing Version 1.1 - I have added kits and backup commands to its functionality.
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    now THIS is a nice GUI
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  5. Thank you for making life easier: P

    Great job!

    PS: Fail! does not work for linux ... : __ (
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  6. I'm glad you like it! :)

    No problem! That's what it's all about.

    I am not familiar with the Linux operating system (Windows fan here!), but I will look into ways of translating it to a programming language that is supported by Linux. I have already got my eyes on Mono Tools for Visual Studio (

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  7. It is a joy for me to hear you say that. Keep abreast of developments of this thread ...

    PS: Sorry for my English (google translator but it sure is not as reliable as any) XD
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  8. Will do. At the moment I have added the Group Manager plugin to the program, but am unable to release it yet because of this annoying bug where anything under the 'info' node is lost.
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    Looks promising!
  10. Can I fix it? Yes I can!
  11. Once I have finished the Group Manager page, I will look into the CommandBook plugin.
    I have researched about supporting .NET on other operating systems, and it appears that the easiest solution is for users like Lummox to install Mono Framework.
  12. Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or season's celebration depending on your culture!

    I've changed the name of the program now that I have started on CommandBook. It appears as if CommandBook is very picky about how YAML code is formatted, so this will involve considerable debugging.

    I am on this so far:

  13. I'm sorry this is taking so long. I have decided to create an entire self-contained library for reading YAML code, and at the moment it can both fully read and write, as well as export a collection of nodes to a TreeView.
  14. I am having to rebuild my library for CommandBook so that I can read multiline values. Should be done soon.
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    This tool is awesome!, but i wonder how will you keep up if you incorporate more plugins?
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    I have an error, unfortunately in dutch (just use google translate)
    I have the latest version of .NET.
    It does report My plugins, but If I press OK it gives an error.
    Please fix this.
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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add PermissionsEx support
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    Grysk are a friggin god. This just made my life 10 times easier. Thanks a million!
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    Did you ever fix it? xD I'm getting this :/ Make it re-sizable D: maybe it's because I'm on Win8 Release Preview
  20. I'm sorry everyone. :/ Although my last post was apparently last year, it seems a very long time ago and my life has completely changed since then, seeing that I am now an adult and no longer have a lot of free time on my hands. I understand how disappointing it is to see a program like this be officially discontinued, but perhaps I will be able to touch-up on my programming skills and make a simpler and more universal GUI at some point in the future.
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    If you don't have time to work on it, why not release the source so the community can continue development? I'm a .net developer, and I would like to see about getting past an error I'm getting that keeps me from editing GroupManager permissions. I would happily send back any modifications I make...

    Just a suggestion.
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    Locked and marked inactive. The dev can request this unlocked if he chooses to reactivate it again in the future.
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