Moon dimension triggered by height by way of Man Cannon

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    The idea is simple; have a Moon dimension that you get teleported to when you hit a height of 1k by way of a man cannon. Here's a man cannon video. Launch would have to be sometime at night, so you launch into the moon not the sun hahaha.

    Configuration file Ideas!

    • Height to activate going to the Moon
    • Pad Style/Design
    • Configurable Ender chest contents
    • Moon Gravity
    • Moon Fall Damage
    • Space Suit Armor requirements
    • Which mobs are in space

    The problem comes that if you're not in creative the tnt will kill you. I was thinking there'd be some way around that by enabling creative where you're standing on a configurable pad so you'd be invincible until you were lanched out of that space. A TNT man cannon has a single space to stand on, so that spot could be a small creative block.

    Pad Design
    I feel like there'd have to be a pad design that would need to be made to enable you to go to the Moon. Definitely requiring an obsidian top so the tnt doesn't destroy the launch pad. I don't know if it'd be possible, but maybe in the pad design incorporate an ender chest to contain a configurable amount of items from each person to go to space. The ender chest would consume the required materials, I want it to be challenging to get all the required materials to go to space. Ender chests could still be used conventionally too.

    On The Moon
    Going to the Moon will require a space suit. Having configurable armor requirements would be awesome. Otherwise, I feel like having to wear a wither skull would be neat.

    Low gravity if possible and no fall damage. I having craters is a must! Maybe some huge mountains too. Custom spawning villages would be great maybe even space villages full of zombies.

    The moon should be rich with resources to offset the cost and make the trip worth it. The benefits have to be limited though. The player shouldn't be able to bring back more than their inventory and the contents of their Ender chest. Making diamonds spawn as often as coal does would be nice.

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    A lot of this is already so doable I can just see one missing plugin

    1. There is already a plugin that does the world teleport at certain height. The name escapes me but when i remember it il come and tell you
    2. "World Guard Custom Effects Flags" is one that lets you add constant potion effects.. so you can use Jump potion to simulate that low gravity globally! "/region flag __global__ potioncmdnameiforget allow"
    3. There are quite a few plugins that disable fall damage i would use "World Guard Custom Damage Flags" which lets you deny specific types of damage.
    4. Actual Plugin Request needed: Simulate a Global Drowning effect (so it's like you're always underwater on the breath bar) and then a "full suit of armor x,y,z will prevent drowning" (Diving Helmet plugin would probably work well here)
    5. Lastly you can choose which mobs spawn where with a couple of plugins. "mobs" is one of them. i think there's a WG custom flag plugin for that too
    6. One more handy thing that you didn't specificly ask about is the map generator "Void Generator" which will make the/a map generate completely empty chunks. A perfect environment for building the moon and other planets.
    I'd love to see global drowning plugin created because i already have a Space map where i fly around in "Ships" and use these methods i just listed.

    Oh i missed the Jump pad part

    1. You could use "LaunchPads" (conveniently named and does what you asked:) )
    2. You could use "Lifts" as like a space elevator?
    3. You could use "Rocket Boots" for a jet pack style?

    The plugin that teleports between worlds in the way you asked is Skyfall

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  3. EssentialPads also does this and much more with Vectors.
  4. What would you want the moon to be made of?

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