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    Plugin category: [ADMIN/FUN/RPG?]​

    Suggested name: MonsterAbilitys​

    About Me: I'm just a server owner who thinks mixing Heroes/MobArena into global spawns would be awesome.​

    What I want: Custom Ability's from HEROES/Mobarena or ability/skills in general to be added to Global spawned monsters! I thought of a nice way to blend this in smoothly and it should work, Essentially you would have skills and ability's in jars and stored within the plugin folder under a skills/ability folder, this would be an API like heroes has with its skills and developers could code there own monster skills, t hen you would setup the config file, in the config file you would put something like the below .​

    Example Config, Note: that each mob has a chance on spawn to inherit the ability listed :)
    #Mob config example
    #Set True if you want to use custom Health & Damage values
    Mob basic stats replaceFalse
    #Set True for enabled, False for Disable plugin
    #Mob Configuration Example
    #Type of Mob
    #Basic Stats
    #Health: "integer Value"
    #Damage: "integer Value"
    #Note: Chance% total must equal 100%
    #Ability1, 10
    #Ability2, 75
    #Ability3, 15
    #Mob Ability Configuration
    (Mobarena is what my idea is based on so check it out and that should give u a pretty good idea on what I am asking for global spawns)
    (Of course it would need to be coded as optimized as possible)

    Ideas for commands:

    • /MA Enable "true/false"
    Ideas for permissions:

    • Mobability.admin(grants user right to enable/disable plugin effect)
    • OP
    Willing to pay up to: We will see if anyone loves this idea enough to do for fun but I am willing tip in a little something around the $25 mark.

    When I'd like it by: Prototype Build - ASAP, Release Build - When its ready

    Devs who might be interested in this: codename_B,bergerkiller, Brettflan,@V10lator

    Bump, As for the ability's could just mimic what Mobarena has and that would be fine.

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    Bump, I am extending my payment offer too $50
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    This is something I actually wanted to implement right into Heroes, but alas I lost interest in the project. I have more time lately though, so I might get going on it again. I have no commit access though, so I'd have to do it all via pull requests.
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    Pretty sure if you requested to join heroes team they would add you, :). But yes I was hoping heroes would add this but if in doubt make a formal request. I would really appreciate the effort let me know how your progress goes as you get time.

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