Monster Spawn safe area's?

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    (If this already exists, I apologize, I have searched around and even asked on Reddit. All to no avail)

    Plugin category: World Editing (Maybe?), or Mechanics

    Suggested name: Awesome Mod so my son can pretend to be Hawk-Eye!!!! (Yea, don't really care to be honest)

    What I want: I am redoing the Minecraft server my son and I play on. I normally have monsters turned off completely, but now want to reinstate them.
    However! I want to control the area's in which they can spawn.
    Basically my son is working on a town, and I have put a huge wall around it. I want mobs to spawn outside the walls, but not inside (in the town). Is there a mod out there that will allow for "Safe zones" like that? (I don't care if mobs wander in through a gate or a hole, I just don't want them spawning there.)

    Ideas for commands: There is a built in command for Towny that controls plots of land with a golden shovel (I believe its Towny, I could be wrong). Something similar could be the best way to handle this, but then again. I could be

    Ideas for permissions: I would imagine Admin only level to change the spawn area

    When I'd like it by: I don't feel comfortable putting a time frame. Its someone else's brain sweat, so I really shouldn't be too demanding.
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    The best solution for this is World Guard mate. you can make regions of any shape or size and set many different Rule Flags to them. (For exampled the "mob-spawning" flag does exactly what you're asking)

    If you want mobs in only 1 area you can Disable them Globally and then allow them in set regions

    Or you can Allow them globally but then make Safe regions to deny them

    Also features hundreds of other useful things like control over PVP, Fire spread, Ice,Snow,Water physics

    Also im pretty sure if you search hard enough. Towny has an option to make certain/all towns Mob free (even killing mobs who wander into it.) I haven't used towny in ages though. so please forgive me if i dreamed this part up.

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    I looked at Towny, and its overkill to be honest. I knew it had the functionality, but there is just so much else with it that will never be used.

    I will hit World Guard tonight though. Thank you very much!

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