Mojang and the Bukkit Project

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    So did Wesley copyright the Minecraft Server Code as his own?
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    No, your account is just new, you haven't posted much(only 2 posts). An admin/moderator needs to check your posts to filter out spam accounts. Around 10 posts, it shouldn't be a problem.

    He did it on all the code he contributed to CraftBukkit, this applies to the server and any modified version of CraftBukkit(ie Spigot).
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    There is also the , a 1.8 Minecraft server with plugins.
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    Listen, people. You clearly have no idea how copyright works. It "protects" works from being copied until the go public domain. Period. The GPL is one of the many different licenses out there that you can license your work under. You can write your own license. It's your choice, the license is only a contract that defines what terms one can use a work. The GPL, and the LGPL was made for the purpose of make software "free", which there's a whole history on that, including the GNU/Linux operating system if you want to look it up. But considering that minecraft is proprietary, mixing free with proprietary is a volatile mixture. It can't work unless one side gives.

    It does not mean "free" as in you don't pay for it, but free as in you're unshackled from the "restrictions" that you have from copyright "by default" and from not having source code. So they often use the word "libre" (french for at liberty). The freedoms it defines is the freedom to use the software, the freedom to modify it (and requires source code access), and the freedom to share whether you modify it or not, regardless if you do it commercially or not, it makes no concern of that, sell it if you wish. The GPL, and the LGPL requires that all derived works must also be released under the GPL or at the very least, it must carry the same freedoms.

    The only difference between the GPL and LGPL is that with the LGPL, you can link code released under the LGPL into a proprietary application. In contrast, the GPL does not allow this. However, in both cases, if have code released under either license and you're distributing it, it must still have the same freedoms for *all* of the source code.

    So having Bukkit GPL and Craftbukkit GPL is a mess, because it means all Bukkit plugins MUST be GPL or it's a violation of Copyright.

    And if Craftbukkit has decompiled minecraft_server.jar code in it, and Craftbukkit is LGPL, then the source code for minecraft_server.jar must either be available or the license specifically says if it's not, then you are not permitted to use the work. So if Mojang did not give permission, not only is Craftbukkit illegal and violates Mojangs rights, but also distributing it without the permission of Mojang also violates the rights of all contributors of the project. So considering Wolfe's takedown, the takedown is totally legal under section 8 of the GPL, which the LGPL is an extension of as "additional permissions".

    Sounds complex. But it's really not if you take the time and read the license and understand the basic concept of copyright. It's just super annoying and makes you want to hate it all when all you want to do is play a game you bought and make mods :mad: .

    Hence why I would not contribute to this project, too much uncertainty. If the creators of it wanted to simply do this the legal way without having the annoying legalese and takedown's, all they would have done is asked Mojang if it was okay to mod the server, which they probably would have allowed as they have anyway, and then released their code under a license like the BSD or MIT license or even public domain. If they did that, none of this could have happened. So they didn't, which is why the project is probably dead now.

    TL;DR: And remember kids! Do your homework before you license something and get permission.
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    Ok my apologies as that is an understandable reasoning
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    Can someone please link to the latest update on the situation?
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    Techy4198 There hasn't been a latest update, considering that you are already up to date, not much has happened after Microsoft took over.
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    No challenge against the takedown.
    This was wanted otherwise they'd fight it.
    A crazy guess, MS wanted this done (a condition) before the purchase.
    They want all custom API's dead in order to better market the official MC API once released.
    Meanwhile, staff and company reps say whatever 1/2 assed explanations they can to try and save face. While what is currently being done, or lack of being done, has the truth written all over it. Is what it is.
    By not directly fighting something they don't want in place MS/Mojang can appear to not be at fault when the community rages.
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    I have looked at much of the Minecraft code base. At its very core much of the code is simply inheritance of other classes. Now Threaded Socket Programming is not by any means trivial, but let me just throw this out on the table... Why not rewwrite it. Smarter, faster, better optimized to use multiple cores, and proper thread management. (rather then just giving each plugin its own thread) break the server's work up on multiple threads, use a newer asyncronous event driven model to work out a new server that the current client can communicate with. The bukkit team is a seriously talented group of individuals, and I believe that they, if no one else can, can complete this task.

    Its just an idea, if its -also- not infringing on anyone's *rights* - or as I prefer to say - *ego*
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    Already being done.
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    I don't doubt that this TridentSDK that I've heard a few veteran coders mention is good, but one thing that makes/made Bukkit great was the massive community that was involved, and how your plugin could be used by so many people.
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    I've talked with the hMod dev and it was pretty much the same situation with Bukkit when it first came out, it was similar to Sponge iirc
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    Sponge is starting out with a lot more people though. Everyone knows what it is at this point (or most people).
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    Define "starting out with a lot more people." Their nextstep conversation was mostly server owners, who only want to hear "come out fast," or "quick development builds," hence the reason they built off of Forge.

    (In fact, even with Forge, development and community interaction is extremely limited. The post made by Canary clearly states that they have no association with Sponge, yet their homepage continues to sport "parts of Minecraft’s modding community (Glowstone, Canary, etc.)." AND their FAQ [which is primarily composed with lies made for self-promotion].)
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    Heres the thing, This is what Minecraft/Mojang states on there page,

    This tutorial takes you through the steps of setting up your own server using the default server software that Mojang distributes free of charge. The software may be installed on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Regardless of your operating system, you must begin by downloading the server software from the minecraft Download page. The server is available as either a Java .jar file or a Windows .exe file. The .exe version may seem easier to use, but in case of problems the .jar version gives better error messages and it is more configurable.
    Note: There is also custom server software available, which most large servers use, but these applications are not supported by Mojang.
    It just says not supported, not Ilegal. Therefore it is an open source code that anyone can use as a basis for there own coding, as its not copyrighted. It also would not infringe on Gm, because they could license it themselves, since its open source.
  16. You're not missing any opportunity to belittle them, though.

    Also note the update notice:
    To clarify, there was and probably still is developers of several if not many other-than-Bukkit-at-that-time mods involved in starting with sponge, including some other former mod or current plugin developers who did more complex stuff. Some of their documents may be outdated, it would make more sense if you linked those too, to not create unnecessary confusion - yet no thanks again, that doesn't fit in here, does it?
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    Is there anything wrong with speaking out against bad software? I don't get your point.
  18. Do you have a point?
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    Didn't mojang give us full rights to mod minecraft code(the single player java code)? Wouldn't this also cover the server code? if so how is craftbukkit not just a mod that adds more functionality to the original server?
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    Hi guys ,
    iam new at this fourms, so sorry if this place of question was wrong, but i have a question,
    before a month or more they said that dmca happend to craftbukkit .so now how can i make
    my own server ? after dmca ?
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    So much drama in Minecraft now a days, both on and off the Minecraft virtual world.
  23. abdrnasr Best bet would be to find an alternative to Bukkit. There are plenty about.
  24. There are also alternatives with Bukkit :p. The plural probably rises and falls, depending on what you call an alternative, though. As far as i can judge a serious (partial re-) coding with CraftBukkit and the Bukkit API for 1.8 seems to have been done by the Spigot team, currently undergoing a (closed) testing phase. Probably weeks to go for a stable-ish release.
  25. asofold In this context I mean CraftBukkit when I say Bukkit. :)
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    I wouldn't search for alternatives yet. Better ask support or mojang what they want to do with this project to force a public news post.

    If you use alternatives there is really no reason to act.
  27. Said as if that would do anything. They're not obliged to reply and certainly not to make a public news post about it. Latest news was that "we think the DMCA is wholly unfounded but can't be bothered to send a counter notice which would be really easy to do"...

    Some of that might have been my interpretation of their post and resulting actions (or lack thereof)
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    This whole argument is B.S.
    This is the End User Agreement for Mod/Tools and Plugins.\

    Although we give you permission to play our Game, we are still the owners of it. We are also the owners of our brands and any content contained in the Game. Therefore, when you pay for our Game, you are buying a permission to play / use our Game in accordance with this EULA - you are not buying the Game itself. The only permissions you have in connection with the Game are the permissions set out in this EULA.
    Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. . Modifications to the Game ("Mods") (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don‘t sell them for money / try to make money from them. We have the final say on what constitutes a tool/mod/plugin and what doesn‘t.
    As far as I can see, CraftBukkit/Bukkit has never t4ried to make money from Mojangs "Code". And, I also have never seen bukkit staff or teams promote money making. In fact, they discourage it.
    In short, Mojang/Microsoft needs to clear this up with GNU before Minecraft dies. Cause thats probably whats going to happen. :(
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    CPG Tidus

    im just hoping bukkit is made available again soon so i can update off 1.6.4
  30. CPG Tidus You had plenty of time to update to 1.7 o.o
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