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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by deffol21, Jan 15, 2012.

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    How did you modify these mods to work with Bukkit? I have a mod that I'd like to port, but I've no clue where to begin.

    Or perhaps I could request a mod be ported for a donation?
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    Link to mod, and if you have time do
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    Kyle Stilkey

    Can you update the tutorial or create one on how to use this?
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    Yes, the day after tomorrow, will update

    video update

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    Kyle Stilkey

    Thank you very much!
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    Just wanted to make sure everyone knows where the credit is due for this incredibly hard work.


    Big thanks to Muckk and Maeyanie, I don't know if you guys are on the Bukkit forum but...thanks to them.

    Good on deffol21 for bringing exposure to it but you really needed to give credit and the source to where all this comes from. That and all of their adfly links have been re-routed (so they can't get financial support for their hardwork through this method). Convenient for users, not cool for the devs.
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    f*ck... you stole this mods from there http://rubukkit.org/threads/modloader-for-craftbukkit-1-1.6959/ ...
    Secret Rooms v.2.0.2 a, BackPack 1.1.0_v2-2 and MultiPageChest 1.0.8 R1 are ported by ME!

    p.s. sorry for bad english...
  10. Report it (Report button under the post) :)
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    Ok so I installed the server and client side files and everything seems to work great except on the server I can't add/delete blocks even if I am OP. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Removed Minecraft download link. You can only link to minecraft.net - not to any other unofficial link.
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    This thread has been locked as it is not posted by the original author.

    Please see the link in the first post for the original thread.
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