Solved Modify world - Players can't place/break blocks.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by hunterman12345, Oct 20, 2012.

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    Hey guys. I recently got a server and now I have a problem.
    I am having problems with players in the "Members" group, not being able to break/place blocks.

    I am using pex and essentials, so I am suspecting ModifyWorld is the problem. I am relatively new to Essenials-anti build, which could also be the problem.
    Here is my..
    Pex perm file.
    Modify world config

    I have run many servers in the past, and never had a problem. So I am experienced.
    Members are not in spawn area, so its not spawn protection that is stopping them.

    Here is all my plugins:
    BukkitCompat, multiverse-core, Pex, essentials, chatmanager, essentials protect, essentialspawn, multiverse-portals, multiverse- inventories, setrankPEX, essentialschat, modifyworld, and essentials-antibuild.

    Thanks guys.
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    if you want to use essentialsantibuild.jar, give node, if not, move out essentialsantibuild.jar
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