Modification of the Configuration object to support MySQL

Discussion in 'Resources' started by codename_B, Sep 4, 2011.

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    new SQLConfiguration(String ip, String username, String password, int port);
    The idea is to make working with SQL considerably easier on people, such as myself, who hate it ;)

    Once I've written this library I'll be posting it here for anyone who wants to use it, and will be adding MySQL support to bPermissions and any other plugin that people want it for - using this object - as I LOVE the bukkit Configuration object - it's just so nice to use!
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    but what about @alta189 's SQL and SQLite library?
    However if you do add MySQL support to bPerms i will want to use it even moar :D
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    There is already mine, which is now maintained by @PatPeter
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    Use SQL for everything because it will totally improve performance!

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