Moderators need to stand up against bullying more

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by SyTeck, Sep 29, 2015.

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    I'm not saying that they don't do anything right, and I'm not going to mention names and neither am I doing this because I want to be a moderator.

    I'm just saying that moderators need to stand up more against people who makes fun of other people making mistakes, and I'm not talking about like funny mistakes, but people trying to attack people because for instance they spelled something wrong or coded something wrong in the plugin development section without any intentions of actually trying to help the person being targeted.

    Almost every time I browse this forum I see something like this and when I try to actually stand up against the person making fun of someone, my comment getting deleted? For being useless? Well, if stopping bullying is useless, I don't know anymore. But not only that, but their comment get to stay? I don't see how attacking someone for doing something wrong when their seeking for help without any intentions of trying to help, is being any more useful than my comment. But who am I decided when I don't have moderating abilities..

    This is also clearly prohibited as it says in the rules,
    "No name calling, no bullying, no personal attacks are allowed. Be polite. You can debate a point without dragging it down into a heated argument/personal attack. If the debate starts sounding like American politicians slinging mud it will be removed."

    The funny thing is that this post will probably be deleted as well, but hey I tried.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @SyTeck You probably started arguing, try using the report button instead. It is pretty much made for that.
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    I literally said, "Why do you have to make fun of people when they do something wrong?". And it got deleted. No more no less. And yes you're right, I should probably use the report button more but I still believe it would be possible for moderators to delete comments like this when they see one.
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    I am not actively moderating the Plugin Development Section so I cannot speak for the actions that have been taken.
    But showing someone what they have done wrong is actually help. However if it is done in a offending manner, simply utilise the report button. Posts like yours probably got deleted because of you starting a flamebait or going offtopic.

    Either way the report button is there for a reason and if you use it, you can at least ensure that someone is going to take a look at it.
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    To be perfectly honest, its not your job to tell people off for being mean. It is a moderators choice if the comment is off topic or mean to a certain point where they think 'Oh this shouldn't be on the forum'. I don't want to sound mean at all but their comment probably had a good point in it. He might of just being trying to have 'Banta' but that 'Banta' wasn't two way.

    I hope this doesn't sound to rude, I'm not trying to be rude, just speaking my mind ;)
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    I see what you mean, but some comments are just pure for the sake of bullying and should not be allowed on the forum at all. The main reason I reacted was because I tried to stand up against someone doing this, and my comment actually got deleted and after seeing soo many comments being so rude and unrelated to the topic I just wanted to say something.

    But I think the conclusion is to simply use the report button more and that hopefully mods will be less tolerant to comments like this.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @SyTeck Another thing that mrCookieSlime already told: we need to see it, I do read some sections till there are no unread threads, but some sections are going way to fast for that, or are just not interesting for me.
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  8. @SyTeck Report and we'll sort.
    Simple as that.
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    Yep, pretty much wrapped it up a couple of posts ago.
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    To be honest this Thread is no longer leading anywhere beyond my Post and @timtower 's addition.
    Want me to lock it?
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    EDIT by Timtower: done
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