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    Cold Be nice if SomBudy Cold make a plugin that

    marks a player when he is working as Mod Like:

    Player does a command /modwork

    the players nametag changes ex [Mod]

    Do a global message: Player is no Working as mod

    then he get acces to a permession list were the server admin can add bam kick (all the Permessions server admin think the player needs)

    and a Comand for turning it off agin = he cant use he's mod permession's
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    Sorry, I don't understand your request..
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    dam my english is bad were you from ?
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    Australia...Please actually explain what you want.
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    ad mod/admin plugin in handler so admins can turn mod on/off
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    "can turn mod on/off"

    So, you mean like so staff can take breaks from their job? I'l give it a shot...
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    mmh ye and when the player are Working he gets acces to a permession list for only him.
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    Sweeet Nice !
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    I believe he wants to be able to toggle admin permissions on and off, probably because of plugin interaction issues admins have.

    I did this using PermissionsBukkit and MyCommand

    PermissionsBukkit offers the ability to change permissions groups in game. Technically, you could do this with just PermissionsBukkit but the command is rather long (something like /permissions player addgroup <player> <group>) so I used MyCommand to shorted it to /admin on and /admin off.

    In PermissionsBukkit, set up all the permissions in the admin group that you want your admin players to have while admin mode is "on".

    In MyCommand's commands.yml, alter two of the existing commands to look like this:
    command: /admin on
    type: runcommand
    runcmd: /permissions player addgroup $player admin
    command: /admin off
    type: runcommand
    runcmd: /permissions player removegroup $player admin
    Remember the # of the commands that you changed. You will use this later.
    I used /admin on and /admin off, but you could use whatever you want in their place.

    After you've set up the commands, you have to give your admin players permission to use the commands.
    Open PermissionsBukkit's config.yml and under the "users:" heading, list your admin players (there will be an example entry there to guide you).

    Give each admin player:
    permissions.*: true (this gives them permission to enter and leave the admin group at will, as well as access to all other PermissionsBukkit permissions)
    mycommand.cmd.#: true (where # is the number assigned to the command in MyCommand's "commands.yml")

    So for example, if your "/admin on" command (or whatever command you assigned) was listed as command number 4 in commands.yml, you would give your admin player's "mycommand.cmd.4: true" which would give them permission to use "/admin on"

    Do the same with your variation of /admin off.

    That's what I did, there may be something easier.

    Or that

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    Won't be able to make it; use what MCHaxin said.
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    Toss me a message if you need any help setting it up.

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