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    Alright, this one was pretty hard to come up with a title for, but I think it could be a pretty cool plugin overall!

    Plugin category: Fun, Misc

    Suggested name: MobStacks

    What I want: Basically, the idea is based off of the snow golem and iron golem spawning function. Being able to place blocks in a certain way to cause a mob to spawn. The snow golems are two snow blocks with a pumpkin on top, so why can't two tnt with a pumpkin on top spawn a creeper? Or two wool in a line with a pumpkin on one side spawn a sheep? The list could go on and on, but that would be up to the discretion of whoever is nice enough to try this out.

    I am not familiar with plugin writing, so i don't know if its possible, but maybe the player would have to right click the stack with a certain item (something rare like a diamond) for it to spawn. Or perhaps creating the mob stack would remove a certain amount of an item from the player's inventory (i.e. creating a creeper stack removes 32 gunpowder). Again, this would be completely up to the programer, or maybe even the server owner if possible.

    Ideas for commands:
    /mobstack p1 Used for selecting the stack for spawning a certain mob
    /mobstack p2 Used for selecting the stack for spawning a certain mob
    /mobstack create <mob:datavalue> Used to set the currently selected region as a stack to spawn a mob
    /mobstack delete <mob:datavalue> Used to delete a stack

    Ideas for permissions:
    player.MobStack. False if they are not allowed to use the plugin
    cost.MobStack True if player can edit the spawning cost of mobs
    item.MobStack True if player can decide what item must be used to right click and spawn a stack
    player.CreeperStack True if player can spawn Creepers
    player.SheepStack True if player can spawn sheep
    player.(insert mob name here)Stack True if player can spawn (insert mob name here)

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, I don't personally have any need for it. (It could be helpful on one of my servers)

    If you do decide to make this, I would probably ask that it be public and that i get a bit of credit on any main webpage for the plugin!
    Thanks for reading!

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    I'll try to make something like this, but I can not say that I will succeed. I just need to get into modding again :)
  3. mking01 This would be cool, I'm not sure how to check for blocks being in a certain formation though :/ Otherwise I would make it.
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    Basically I am checking for the surroundings when a certain block is placed.
    Right now I only got the sheep done (which will get expanded in terms of colors) and I got a BlockPlaceEvent listener which waits for a pumpkin head to be placed down.
    When it is placed down it will check the surroundings of it and if there is 2 wool blocks directly connected to it, then it spawns a sheep and turns the blocks into air.
    I may upload the jar as a snapshot version, but I am not done with this at all :D
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    Sorry, some things came up IRL, iv been away from the forums for a while, thanks for taking an interest in it! I have been forced to take down my personal server (technical difficulties), so i will be even less of a help with this :(

    I would love to see this plugin get far, from what is posted on its main page, it looks just as i imagined it, and i can see from your plans that it will turn out great...

    Il try and follow up as regularly as possible, but i have recently been buried in homework among other things, so I'm not sure how often i'l be checking (sorry).

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    No problem at all man, I like the idea and will continue with it for the sake of fun :)
    If anyone want to get more information about the plugin or got any suggestions for it, feel free to visit my Website.
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    Version 0.3 is released :)
    Added support for spawning cows and pigs.
    You can find the file and the changelog in my Filebase or as soon as it is approved on the project's page

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