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    Hello, Well i am from CurseCraft, And we have around 100k mobs spawning within 20 mins. And it is causing alot of lagg. But, we would like it stabilized. We have used NoLagg, but then NoLagg makes the spawning to slow. For all of our Donators who have there XP Grinders. we would like it equalized of mobs. So about 20k mobs within all the worlds we have tryed everything, We just dont seem to find a way to make it stable.
    If you could create a plugin / link me to a plugin that does this
    we would be very greatful!
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    You can limit the mobs in bukkit.yml
    I think with R2.0 bukkit added this option.

    My bukkit.yml looks this:
    monsters: 30
    animals: 10
    water-animals: 1

    I think this is per chunk.
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    i have tryed this, but the same thing as nolagg, not enough mobs
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