Mobs Arent Spawning!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ktr471, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Hello! Recently I was trying disable some mobs on my server. I went onto essentials config file and disabled all but zombies and when I went onto the server I couldn't spawn any mobs. I even tried setting all the mobs to "true" but that didn't work. Please help me.
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    Check That The World difficulty Is Set To Normal, Or anything Other than Peaceful
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    I set the gamemode to 0 (It was at 2) but mobs still wouldn't spawn...
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    You might want to just copy and paste in the original Essentials config unless your current config is filled with edits to see if that fixes the problem.
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    Where can I find that?
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    Gamemode is different from difficulty.
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    I know, this is what it says in properties: "gamemode=0". I tried checking to see if I had set the region To No mobs but its not that...
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    Make sure that you disable only the zombies
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