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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Drakia, Oct 18, 2011.

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    It seems the terribly slow interface of the forum has carried over to BukkitDev, it is barely usable on a mobile device (iPhone 4 in my case).
    Is there any plan to add a mobile interface or cut back on the CSS/JavaScript used in the default template?
  2. Same problem here, that would be nice :)
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    I really don't get what is with the Bukkit team and CSS/Javascript. Just over 1,000 lines of Javascript, and 1,500 CSS rules on the BukkitDev index alone? Guh that's hideous and terrible on so many levels.
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    I think the BukkitDev thing is because of curse.
    I just briefly looked at the source and notice the classes of the body :
    main-root game-minecraft site-bukkit nojs without-ads
    It would seem Curse is somewhat forcing css and bukkit is allowed to disable some of it (e.g. ads).
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    Now go look at the main forums, it's 3x as bad ;)
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    I also love browsing anything Bukkit or Github on a mobile device. So fast

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    I can't help BukkitDev, but the Bukkit Forums do have a Mobile Style available. Just click "Bukkit" on the bottom left of any page and select "XFStop Mobile"
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