MobArena Boss and Wave Thread

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    MobArena Bosses and Waves Thread
    [ MobArena Plugin by garbagemule ]

    Posts should ONLY have WAVES OR BOSSES! Everything else should be put IN THE MOBARENA THREAD!

    I thought I'd make a separate post, now that Waves have received a huge overhaul in the Dev build. People can post up unique bosses that they've created and played with. This thread is for actual wave/boss setups ONLY! Please, no spam.

    Requirements for posting:
    1. NO Wave or Boss setup? Do NOT post. Go to MobArena thread instead.
    2. Title - use font size 6.
    3. Description - under the title, normal font size.
    4. Snippet - MUST be in a Code block.
    5. Test - test it before posting.

    The Slime

    The Slime is designed around a Slime's natural attack: knock-back. Slimes generally jump at you and then knock you back. So, I figured it would have it such that it would fetch far-away units, attack them, and then throw them away. With medium health, this makes him a fairly-manageable starter boss.

    Code (Text):
    1.                 bossSlime:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 9
    4.                     monster: slime
    5.                     health: medium
    6.                     abilities: fetch-distant, throw-nearby

    The Incredible Pigbeast
    Balanced for players: 4-5

    The Incredible Pigbeast is meant to be an end-level boss. Since he is a physical-attack unit with a lot of health, I rounded him out with two ranged abilities (arrows and fireballs), as well as throwing away nearby players to prevent him taking a lot of melee damage.
    Code (Text):
    1.                 the_incredible_pigbeast:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 11
    4.                     monster: zombie_pigman
    5.                     health: psycho
    6.                     abilities: arrows, fireballs, throw-nearby
    7.                     ability-interval: 3
    8.                     ability-announce: true

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  2. Sheep Swarm & Riots
    after he added in exploding sheep, and hearing about the London riots I made 2 swarm levels:
    Code (Text):
    2. sheepswarm1:
    3.     type: swarm
    4.     wave: 11
    5.     monster: exploding_sheep
    6.     amount: high
    8. riot1:
    9.     type: swarm
    10.     wave: 17
    11.     monster: humans
    12.     amount: psycho
    :D enjoy! and I can't wait to see some of the bosses people have

    Starter Spider
    also, made a simple spider boss:
    Code (Text):
    2.                 boss1:
    3.                      type: boss
    4.                      wave: 9
    5.                      monster: spider
    6.                      health: medium
    7.                      abilities: fire-aura, fireballs, throw-target
    a somewhat quick boss that has a fire-aura to deter a lot of melee, fireballs to go for ranged, and an extra melee deterrent and throw away a single person.

    edit: fixed to requested post standards
  3. Big Bad Wolf

    Wolves are fast and dish out a lot of damage very quickly, especially when angry. The abilities are all target-specific, and they are chosen to cripple and/or make the survival of its target difficult. The low health means it is very suited as a recurrent wave, perhaps in a wolf-themed arena.

    Code (Text):
    1.                 bigbadwolf:
    2.                      type: boss
    3.                      monster: wolf
    4.                      health: low
    5.                      abilities: root-target, fetch-target, disorient-target
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    Thunder Chicken
    Balanced for players: 2-4

    Thunder Chicken is very unique. He has no regular attack (as chickens do not attack players), and he has a VERY tiny hitbox for players, making it difficult to both see and hit. Combine this small size with the deadly ability of chain-lightning, and Thunder Chicken is a very formidable foe. His ability is cast fairly slowly and he has low health, so he makes a worthy Level 1 boss.

    Note: This boss was very tricky to balance. Originally he had chain-lightning AND lightning-aura, but it was simply too powerful (at least for my classes). In the end, we had to lower his ability-interval so that we didn't wipe whole parties.
    Code (Text):
    1.                 thunder_chicken:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 9
    4.                     monster: chicken
    5.                     health: low
    6.                     abilities: chain-lightning
    7.                     ability-interval: 10
    8.                     ability-announce: true
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    nice thread!
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    Nice thread idea. If we create nice swarm / boss on my server, I will share them here. :)
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  7. this stuff still seems complicated to me but NICE JOB
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    Irritating Zombie
    Balanced for players: 2-4

    This is a very annoying boss. His ability to warp around quickly and disorient players really messes with tactics. For the most effective version of this boss, be sure to enable PVP mode. Also, setting his health to High makes this boss considerably more challenging (best for 4+ players).
    Code (Text):
    1.                 irritating_zombie:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 7
    4.                     monster: zombie
    5.                     health: medium
    6.                     abilities: warp-to-player, disorient-target, shuffle-positions
    7.                     ability-interval: 2
    8.                     ability-announce: true

    It's really not too bad. It's a lot like a very simple AI for the bosses. You just pick and choose some pre-made abilities and apply them to a mob, creating a boss! :)
  9. where exactly where u fine the pre-made abilities?
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    You read.
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    This is a wave I created to slightly psych-out fighters, and, since it poses absolutely no threat to the players, its good for a low-level swarm to introduce newbies to the swarm concept.
    Here it is:
    Code (Text):
    1. swarmpassive:
    2.                     type:swarm
    3.                     wave: 3
    4.                     monster: chickens
    5.                     amount: psycho
    And, if Thunder_Chicken (I think thats what you called it) is used as a high-level boss, the players expect easy passive chickens from their experience with this swarm and are caught completely off guard :D
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    Death Squid
    Code (Text):
    1.                 deathsquid:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 10
    4.                     monster: squid
    5.                     health: high
    6.                     abilities: flood, arrows, throw-target, disorient-target
    7.                     ability-interval: 3
    8.                     ability-announce: true
    He's good for an early tier boss. Squids have no inherent attack, so I gave him arrows to do a little damage. The main thing players must contend with when facing death squid is the water he leaves all over the place, which can make future waves more challenging. His other moves (throw target and disorient target) keep players at a distance making him difficult to melee. The longer he lives the more water he spreads around though, and the bigger pain in the butt the aftermath can be.
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    I just found out about this plugin and I loved it. So, here is a boss I've made.

    Terror of the Tides
    Balanced for 3-5 players
    Code (Text):
    1. Tide_Terror:
    2.      type: boss
    3.      wave: 5
    4.      monster: squid
    5.      health: high
    6.      abilities: flood, throw-target
    7.      ability-interval: 3
    8.      ability-announce: true
    An early boss, mostly like a special level, thought. It might have no attack, but trust me, you really want to take this down before it floods the arena.
    It' s different than the above.
  14. i love this thread
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    how do u put these into the plugin? under waves?
  16. yes in the config
  17. Read the mobarena wiki. :D
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    in what i must put that? in the config?
  19. yes.
    But this thread is for sharing Mob Arena Bosses. If you want help though post in the Mob Arena thread please.
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    In what folder i must put that?
    bossSlime: type: boss wave: 9 monster: slime health: medium abilities: fetch-distant, throw-nearby
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    The ultimate squid​

    Code (Text):
    1. Pyshosquid:
    3. type: boss
    5. wave: 30
    7. monster: squid
    9. health: high
    11. abilities: fire-aura, fireballs, throw-target, root-target, shuffle-positions
    13. priority: 3
    15. frequency: 3
    17. ability-interval: 3
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    Damn, I love this thread, I just installed mobArena on our server and I'm going to test your bosses/swarms configs and as soon as we start to make our own interesting ones, I'll be sure to put them here for the rest of you!
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    Code (Text):
    1. Maddening_Cow:
    2.                     type: boss
    3.                     wave: 25
    4.                     monster: cow
    5.                     health: psycho
    6.                     abilities: fireballs, fire_aura, root-target, shuffle-positions, throw-nearby, fetch-distant
    7.                     abiliy-interval: 1
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    Now that's one maddening cow! Even the ones from Diablo II were not that evil! ;) I guess... that maybe I will add this one to our waves, just for the strongest players! Thanks for the sharing!
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    Guys do you need hereos for the bosses to use the skills? because Hereos (in my opinion) is annoying. So i dont want it but i want the bosses to use the skills. Can anyone help me
  26. @gore1997 - The boss abilities have nothing to do with Heroes.
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    Wait so just by putting the "abilities: fireballs" (for instance) it will have that ability? So i dont need any files or anything?
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    Thanks :) I will remember the day where someone helped me :p
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    Fricking impossible to beat. Try it.
    Code (Text):
    1.                                     Zeus:
    2.                         type: boss
    3.                     wave: 14
    4.                     monster: giant
    5.                     health: psycho
    6.                     abilities: fireballs, arrows, fire_aura, chain-lightning, warp-to-player, disorient-target, shuffle-positions
    7.                     ability-interval: 5
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