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    Hello readers, I have a question for anyone with an answer.

    Is it possible for someone to make a plugin where you can customize a mob spawner to spawn a certain type of mob, and from there you can edit the cooldown time from when it spawns the mob again, as well as the hitpoints it has, the damage it does, what items it drops upon death, and the number of mobs that can be spawned from the spawner at one time (Like 1 mob spawns, it is killed, 5 minutes later another one spawns again)?
    Also maybe the mob won't spawn when another person is nearby waiting for it? (Kind of like how dungeon spawners won't spawn mobs with a certain amount of light around it, except instead of too much light, it's the presence of players nearby) I am looking for a type of Mob Boss plugin all on it's own, so I can use that for custom made dungeons. It's very important that this can be customized for the one specific spawner, not for all types of spawners in the world or in all worlds! This would really help my server a lot, thanks all for reading and supporting me if you do!

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    This is one that allows Boss Mobs to spawn that I use. I believe you can choose a spawner in there, and it lets them loose in the wild at random, but maybe its something that could help.
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    Ya that is kind of similar, but it's something completely different. Instead of randomly spawning in the wild, the admin could be able to customize the spawner that they want at the specific coordinate. I like that it produces random bosses, but I want it to be fully customized, where, when, how many, not based on chance. It might help a developer though since it would have code for editing a mobs health and how much damage it deals to a player.

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