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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by LlmDl, Apr 7, 2011.

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    My request is a plugin that might not be possible. Since MC 1.4 released, CPU usage has increased dramatically. People have come to the conclusion that the monster spawn rate has increased or increased it's demand from the server.

    I would like a plugin that decreases the rate at which mobs spawn.

    If I use the /butcher command to kill all mobs, I can type the same command and a near identical amount are removed again. Even if the server has animals and monsters set to false, the server.jar is still creating monsters, they are just removed right away. This could be something that bukkit cannot change and I can accept that, but if there is anyway to change the spawn rate lower, I would really appreciate if someone would write a plugin to do that.
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    I was looking at trying to do something like this, but at the moment it's hardcoded and obfuscated in the server code. If you cancel a spawn event the server will attempt to create another spawn because it hasn't hit the limit yet. (I tried cancelling 2/3 of the spawns and it still spawned the same number of creatures regardless of the plugin).
    The only real way to limit them is to count the number of creatures alive and cancel every spawn event if you're above the set limit. It still hit the cpu since the server will still continually try to spawn new monsters regardless of the event cancellation.

    If someone knows a way to get around this, that would be awesome, I just don't think it's possible at this moment.
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    That's what I'd thought, thanks Sleaker. Anyone else tried looking at this? I'm thinking of starting a reddit post about this, Notch reads r/minecraft so we might get his attention there.
  4. Maybe there is a way to create a plugin where you make your own invisible spawn points with a radius, kinda like the mobspawner blocks, except, they're created and configured with commands? If there are no existing spawn points, no monsters will be spawned.

    I've had this in my mind a long time, and I've hoped there was already such a plugin. Maybe there is... I just haven't found it.
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