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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zipron, Dec 24, 2011.

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    So I posted already something about chicken, it seems that I have the same problem for all mobs. Whenever I make a farm, let's say cavespider or blaze farm, mobs start glitching out into the walls. Seems that they cannot be in the same spot when dropping on eachother from above. I've downloaded my map into SP and everything works fine.

    Another weird issue happend with chicken for a breeding farm: they start flying into the walls and sometimes they glitch out the fances or walls so they can run away. At the moment I'm testing if this has something to do with plugins. But if not I think it's some kind of bug. this are my server details:

    Server Information
    Java                : Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_23 (
    Operating system    : Linux 3.0.0-14-server (amd64)
    Available processors: 2
    Free memory         : 618 MB
    Max memory          : 910 MB
    Total memory        : 910 MB
    Server ID           : unnamed
    Server name         : Unknown Server
    Implementation      : git-Bukkit-1.0.1-R1-b1597jnks (MC: 1.0.1)
    Player count        : 2/20
    Permissions             : 2.5.1
    WorldEdit               : 4.6
    Rakamak                 : 3.6.1
    NoCheat                 : 2.21a
    GroupManager            : 1.1 (Phoenix)
    CivilizedSpawn          : 0.8
    Announce                : 3.0
    Backup                  : 1.8.4
    Lockette                : 1.4.4
    PvP Control             : 1.5
    AutoMessage             : 1.5
    SpawnMob                : 1.9.8
    Multiverse-Core         : 2.1-b326
    WorldInventories        : 1.0.0
    SpongeRestore           : 1.1
    WorldGuard              : 5.2.2
    EndReset                : 0.1
    Essentials              : 2.6.4
    Multiverse-NetherPortals: 2.1-b283
    iConomy                 : 6.0.7b
    EssentialsChat          : 2.6.4
    SignColours             : 0.3
    EssentialsSpawn         : 2.6.4
    EssentialsProtect       : 2.7.1
    EssentialsGeoIP         : 2.6.4
    ChestShop               : 3.24
    Hope anyone knows a solution..


    So I filmed the bug I mean:

    sorry for the low fps btw

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    I think your problem may be the fact that you have lag on your server. With lag mobs can glitch into and through walls/fences.
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    I filmed that on localhost, but on my server is realy no lagg. And the problem is they don't fall into eachother. So like a cave spider xp farm they cannot "stack" I don't know how to call it different.. And don't think it's because of lagg though.


    bump would be nice if someone else could help me?

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    Spiders dont work in xp farms due to the fact they climb walls, and are fat..... xD

    I am trying to help but idk what the real problem is...
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    Cave spiders are only one block tall and yes they climb but they should also fall on eachother =) anyways, thanks for replying =)

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