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    My plugin is not a mini-game, but a addon.
    It would be able to turn on and off in certain area's, it could either be targeted by person or area with worldedit regions or worldguard.
    Concept of this plugin would be to have fun, it would be set of in a players town, an the villagers would team up to survive the swarm of zombies or whatever mob in there hometown, this would just make server's more fun, and it wouldnt have to be a mini-game. Commands could be /inv on, /inv off, /inv restart , /inv mobtype (mob) etc, If someone wants to make this, please reply!
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    elitealli An addon is an expansion, don't see what this supposed to expand.
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    It expands an aspect of the game, which is mobs, and having to fight them off, expands the game alot to the player's, it adds a more intense world aspect to server's, they never know when a swarm will come.

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