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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by celadrieldor, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, and sorry if this has been beaten to death.

    Currently I am employing the "DropHeads" plugin on my server:

    However, a few of the textures aren't very good and/or incomplete and broken - specifically with some of the variant mobs.

    I would like to chop up/rework something similar to this, but using Xisumavoids moremobheads, and evenmoremobheads textures/NBT data (which I emailed Xisumavoid on, and he replied basically stating: "My mob heads downloads are not mods, they are loot tables and not owned by anyone."):

    My biggest issue in poking around in the jar file/data files is that I am unsure how to define the entity type for some of the missing ones, since I am completely inept at coding. I can swap the NBT data for existing, but things like charged creeper, or cat variants, or bunny variants, etc ellude me.

    The other issues are, the developer has yet to return my inquiries via PM, or reply on the page. Secondly, using the custom loot table itself is very hard on the server, because it is essentially a command that run constantly in-loop, and I've had performance drops on my other server with it installed for "pure-vanilla".

    Thank you everyone for your time - and again apologies if this isn't a proper request, or the right place to request it.
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    It seems like you'd need a complete redesign of the plugin, rather than a texture fix. Without permission from the original plugin creator, it's essentially impossible to change things legally.

    I'll recreate the plugin for you, as it seems to be pretty simple.
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    Wonderful! I appreciate that very much!

    It does seem pretty simple, and I understand code to a very, very basic degree, I just could not for the life of me figure out how to define the entity types for the listener to drop the correct head.

    This is being run in spigot 1.12 by the way. :)
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