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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by H1DD3NxGames, Mar 29, 2015.

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    Name: Grinder

    What I Want: I would like a grinding plugin that I set and area where mobs will spawn (only Zombie and Skeleton) and when you kill the mobs you will get McMMO points for killing the mob. (Sword, Axes, etc).
    Mobs Still Drop Items And Exp
    - Make Sure When the grinder is created, the only mobs that spawn are Zombies AND skeleton
    - Make sure the zombie and skeleton both spawn at the same time
    - Another set of mobs won't spawn till the first two are killed (to prevent lag)
    - The mobs will only spawn if the players are within 20 blocks of the grinder. (to also prevent lag)
    - Config for which mobs spawn in the grinder.
    - When i create the Grinder, please have it so the mobs spawn at the spot i am standing.
    - Thank you

    /Grinder Create <Name> - Creates the Grinder
    /Grinder Delete <Name> - Removes the Grinder

    Grinder.admin - Access to all permissions

    When Would I Like it By:

    Make sure you make the plugin for Java 7 or it WONT work on my server, (tested) if that is so you would had wasted your time for nothing.
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    This is useless.
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    Perhaps not for you, but it obviously is useful for him. Otherwise why would he post it?!?!
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    Make it load a schematic of a mob grinder?
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