Mob Duel

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SuperGamesBros, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Tools?

    Suggested name: Mob Duel

    What I want: A plugin that let you make 2 mobs fight each other (i want it so i can do pokemon with the MobCatcher plugin).

    Ideas for commands: Select the Spawn Egg you want and do /mob duel {duel id}. after you got 2 mobs with the same id do /mob duel (or md) toggle which will toggle the fight on

    Ideas for permissions: mobduel.duel for /md {duel id} and mobduel.start for /md toggle

    When I'd like it by: As fast as you can :D

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    Pokemon don't exist in MC. Explain where your getting the Pokemon from.
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    I think that was probably meant as an example and not to be taken literally.
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    Yeah it's just an example that i might try with the MobCapture plugin. 2nd pokemon with mobs is a GOOD IDEA! (don't judge please....)
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    Please someone help...
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