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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by godgodgodgo, Jul 14, 2011.

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    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">ARENAS</font>

    This thread is dedicated to Mob Arena.

    Post .schematic files of your mob arenas to show off and allow people to download them.
    An easy way to get a .schematic of your mob arena is to use WorldEdit.

    Please post ONLY arenas on this thread to make it easy for people to find them.
    I do encourage people to make their own arena but hopefully these might act as extra arenas or inspiration.

    I recommend using <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    Please only post the links to pictures so that they don't take up half the page.

    All hail <font color="rgb(170, 0, 170)"><font color="rgb(16, 97, 179)">garbagemule</font></font> for making this awesome plugin!

    Arena Screenshot
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    Thanks you
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    Very nice idea for a thread :)

    Here's the arena from the instructional video (slightly altered). It's very boring and very simple, and I sincerely hope people will build more interesting arenas. But alas, here it is :)

    Arena Screenshot
    Schematic Download
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    I'm not sure if I want to share it :S
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    @Toni Sure, go ahead. That Colosseum is huge, I bet people want to use it. :)
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    I'll look into getting a schematic, as my arena floor has been expanded since I took those pictures. That would have to do with everyone on my server playing the Arena and only the Arena. Also, my Arena is two stories, one being underground. So I'll probably make two schematics, one for the top with the Lava and Water columns and one for the Arena itself.
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    Suppose there's a difference between an arena and a mob arena arena. Largely due to the fact that large arenas don't work because the aggro radius for mobs isn't really all that big. At any rate, nice colosseum.
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    Please only post the links to pictures not the actual picture ;)
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    Here are three pictures of the arena on my server.

    First, a global view with the spectators place (The glass platform).
    A second global view.
    A third view with the little WIP lobby.

    I could eventualy give the schematics but it contains items from the FancyPack and trees from More Trees because I'm using ItemCraft on my server.
    I can't give the schematics because it also involved SuperSlopes blocks. A major part of the arena could disappear in the schematic. :(
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    Wow, that looks cool. Might have to make a similar one :D Is it not easy for people to camp though?
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    I will post some of my WIP arena when Multiplay fix some of the bugs they are having on the FTP test machine :)
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    Indeed, there are a few camp points (Two or three). But when you are in, you can't fight if you are not an archer. And even an archer has not a infinity of arrows. So you need to go down and die ! :p
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    I think the high points could do with more stairs around them. Otherwise the monsters will collect under them and won't get up. Easy for campers

    Also soulsand and water can be fun
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    I was going to add 4-5 spawn points on top of each high bit so its near impossible to stay there. Oh good point!
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    I've edited an arena I found on MCSchematics. The original can be found here but this is what I've done with it:

    Battleground (open)


    Control Room (open)


    Exterior (open)


    This can be found on my server if you want to take a look at it up close!
    We also have a proper setup for PVP matches and gladiator style battles - you might enjoy it!
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    Seems this thread died a little but the idea of sharing arenas is great. I have made a couple but don't have any pictures on me at the moment. Ill take some pictures when I get a chance along with uploading the files for them...I don't have anything real fancy as the aggro radius becomes an issue once they get to a certain size.
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    Wow, that's kind of what I mentally envisioned when I started working on the arena I'm building now, however it's not turning out nearly as fancy so far. Props!
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    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    with a vid of it

    i made the schematic with mcedit so i hope everything is fine all you have to build yourself is the lobby for it is seperate from the arena
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    Here our nether styled mobarena :)
    Soon we will post videos about the others.
    But for now factionaction his netherarena
    When u are interested in the schematics contact us.
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    my turn :)
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    hope u like it
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    Ninjas Schlay

    I have made a coliseum on my server, and use it for mob arena, It has a lobby beneath the arena floors
    planetminecraft project of it (pictures are there & download if you want to from there):
    Mediafire download
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    PLEASE upload a schematic of your updated version.
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    Mine is really ugly.. sorry.
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    Could you put up a schematic for your version?

    (I understand if you don't want to share it with other servers)
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