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    Plugin category: MMORPG - Role Play

    Suggested name: Mini-RPG

    What I want:

    As the title says, Its a MMORPG, and its the new biggest thing, As I have many ideas, I am just going to lay down one now. In that one there are a couple different things, but all relating back to the main point...

    The first thing I need done is a plugin that allows players to break allowed blocks, but those blocks re-spawn after X amount of time has passed. For example, a player can cut down a tree, but then the tree re-spawns in Five Minutes. This will allow the game to feel more like an RPG Game. Also, the tree was just an example mainly for the reason, I also need it so the leaves don't decay. Only the block that YOU hit will break and drop on the floor.

    The next one is a Farming One. Now that I have it so blocks re-spawn after X amount of time, I need a farming system also. I was thinking you can build a hoe using the wood you gathered from a tree, and then you can hoe the ground. Then, you are able to plant your seeds. But here is the catch... Once you plant your seeds, you can change how long each one goes, Wheat and Melon, to grow into a full grown ... Plant and ready to be harvested. Although, I need it were once you break the Wheat, the Hoed Land automatically turns back into Normal Land. Also, Hoed land that stays hoed for more than X amount of time, will change back into Normal Dirt.

    The second to last One! You are able to play certain blocks, such as, Crafting Tables, Furnaces, or even Brewing Stands! Any item you can set your dreams too! But... The catch is, it the item isn't being used for long than X amount of time, then it de-spawns. The Items in the Furnace, or Brewing Stand will be Dropped onto the ground, along with the Brewing Stand. So Technically it didn't despawn, just broke. But if a player was in the Crafting table it #Break# It will stay there. And if the furnace is smelting, then it won't break until nothing has been going on for X amount of Time...

    The last one... When a Player Dies, they won't drop their items, nor will they keep them! They will simply die and they will be placed in a chest automatically! Although, only that player who died can open that chest... No one else, and those chests can last X amount of time. Although if a player is near the chest, they can pray for it to last longer. So... Every time they give a Certain item, the chest might last... Five minutes longer, and that item can be changed to what ever in the config.

    A whole new leveling System! As I plan to disable the XP bar and use it for Thirst, I thought that I needed to add a Skilling / leveling system. Farming, Mining, Attack, Defense, Health, Running, and lastly Woodcutting, Sure, we can add allot more skills in the future although these are the basic main ones. Now lets start explaining each one of them...
    • Farming > Planting Seeds, and Harvesting Pumpkin, Melons, Wheat, Sugar Canes and Sapling will gain you X amount of Farming XP. (Everything can be added in the config, which blocks gain you XP)
    • Mining > Mining Stone, Ores, And basically anything else you want to allow a player to mine...
    • Attack > From attacking a Monster you gain XP, with different Monsters you earn Different amounts of XP.
    • Health > Also each time you kill a monster you gain X amount of Health XP.
    • Running > It seems like a useless Skill, although with the ideas I have, it will be a massive help! This could be a whole new plugin, but lets make it a skill. So at level one, if you sprint a bunch, then you have a chance of losing all of your Hunger. You can hold Shift and *Rest* Resting will allow you do you do lose all of your hunger and you can run for a longer distance.
    • Woodcutting > Chopping trees will allow you to Gain XP for Woodcutting... Nothing much more too it... Just a small little skill just like Mining to train in your free time.
    Also, you can get Combat Levels. Meaning you start at level One, and you can train your Attack level and at certain levels you level up in Combat. So at level five Attack you could become level two Combat.

    Lets say in game I say...
    <iPadHD> Hello!
    It would look a little like this, although with the new combat system I thought of, it would look a little different.
    <Level 12> <iPadHD> Hello!
    Now doesn't that look nice? 

    As I have many more ideas for this upcoming new server of Mine... But for now, this will be fine! I might add onto it just a tad. But other than that! Thank you for reading, and this is Jordan Nob signing out!

    Ideas for commands: No Commands are currently needed for this plugin, as it is completely controlled by The Config!

    Ideas for permissions: No Permissions are currently needed for this plugin, as it is completely controlled by The Config!

    When I'd like it by: This Upcoming Month.

    Correction : I would like it by any time this month!

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    Death chest (the name might be incorrect: ( )can help you to fullfil last feature.
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    Its doesn't do all the things I need.
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    This would cause major lag, no?
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    A perfect example of a server that does almost everything that I found is.... This isn't advertising, just showing you a good example, they have almost just about everything, but the farming.

    No, I wouldn't think so...

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    Most of these above listed plugins already exist.
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    Please name all of them, and post links below! I can give you something in my server if you want!
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    The functionality this plugin will create is neither original nor all too warranting of the title "new biggest thing." Next time, when you request something, try to keep it original.
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    Hmm? Think about it, You can find like two servers that have this, and I just found one. It is the new best thing.

    Just added a new thing! Read it above!

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    iPadHD saw you on the server (my IGN is "Nauss"), for the tree one that you want:
    1. int delayInSeconds = 30;
    2. @EventHandler
    3. public void onTreeBreak(BlockBreakEvent event){
    4. if(event.getBlock().getType() == Material.LOG){
    5. final Location loc = event.getBlock().getLocation();
    6. new BukkitRunnable(){
    7. @Override
    8. public void run(){
    9. loc.getBlock().setType(Material.LOG);
    10. }
    11. }.runTaskLater(<plugin instance>, delayInSeconds * 20);
    12. }
    13. }
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    Bump - Could someone make that code above into a .Jar for me to use? (Also below)

    Also, make some more of the plugin? Little by little.

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