MMO Questing like a baws!

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    I kinda dont really need the plugin, but the idea is spooking around in my head for a long time.

    Plugin category: Roleplay, Mechanics

    Suggested name: QuestBook

    What I want: A intuitive System for using and creating Quests. It is supposed to be working with animated maps, like TotalQuest (sadly inactive right now), Books (more just the open readable book, not the item itself), the Compass, to show the direction of your quest location. I'll ilustrate a typical quest-"flow" right now:

    -Find a NPC

    -Leftclick/Punch him/her - this will give you a map with the NPC-specific dialogbox. This shows the quests he/she has ready for you. You navigate through the dialogbox by left and rightclicking, you select the quest of interest by sneak right/leftclicking (both select, does not matter wich side you click, only cosmetic that you have two options of selecting :))

    -Now a opened book with lore, goals and rewards will show up

    -After closing the book you will get to the Accept/Cancel-Screen of your dialogbox-map. You control it like before. Canceling (or Declining?) will bring you back to the dialogbox where you were at the start. When you accept it the quest will be added to your questlog and the dialogbox-map will disapoear. I'll explain the queslog further down is this post.

    Ideas for commands: /questlog, ...

    Ideas for permissions: Mhh...

    In this section I'll going to explain the questlog. Firstly you want to open it. Type /questlog and you will get a map in your hand (this will remove your item you held, but after closing the questlog it will reappear). The map will show you a list of all of your accepted quests. The navigation is the same as explained above. When you select one of your quests and hit sneak+left/rightclick it will bring you to the options screen. There you can see here WHO gave you the quest, you can re-view the quests description (the opened book with lore and stuff), you can give the quest up and you can print out a map of the locaion of the quest, or get your compass showing at the direction of your quest.
    Well, that's it. If you have own ideas let me know, if anyone fells like doing the plugin that would be GREAT!! See ya folks!

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