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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Sm0oth_kriminal, Jan 10, 2015.

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    NOW iN BETA!!!!

    Hello I am making a simple mmo plugin consisting of classes and skills!
    I want community input on what they want in it!
    Here is the idea:

    Ok, I want it where a player gains mmo levels over time and using that particular skill. But I also want a console command that add levels/xp

    The skills are pretty much all combat, here they are:
    deep armor
    Axe mastering

    A few classes (each can pick 1):
    Light soul
    dark soul

    Swordsmanship increases sword damage, and blocking effectiveness
    archery increases arrow speed and damage
    deep armor increases defense, (DOESN'T HELP DIAMOND)
    agility increases movements speed and chance to escape damage (especially arrows/projectiles

    Light soul increases health, little by little and has a chance of "divine intervention" where they ascend and strike lightning.

    Dark soul increases all damage and has a chance of "damnation" where they set the other one on fire and they get slowness and blindness

    Mercenaries have no damage or health, but they get money on hit or when they kill. They have a chance of "greed" where they get tons of money and they drain
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    Well, bukkit staff hasn't said it is in beta... works with no bugs... I don't see why they don't let it release, I already have beta test files... Anyway, here is the link (shouldn't show up untill they approve it)
  3. Cleaned up thread as this is now in the correct section.
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