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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by EN7, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Is it allowed to have a plugin that says it does one thing, but does another?
    Because I saw a plugin that claims to add features and stuff, but it actually just runs /op <dev ign>
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    Report them using the triangle icon on the page. Those plugin should of been filtered out.
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    So much for code being reviewed :'(
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    I'm surprised they couldn't tell it was a false plugin from the page.
    It promised for a bunch of stuff that is impossible/impractical for Bukkit to handle, like playing videos, sounds, and all sorts of stuff like generating custom SG maps, or making islands for SkyWars, and a bunch of idealistic nonsense. xD
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  5. Lolmewn Curse are just as thorough in their reviews as the old staff were. Trust me, they told me they were... Why would they lie about that?!
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    Curse seem to be approving everything I do within one minute of me doing it. Thats why I dont think that changes are being looked over by real people. Maybe a automated machine that check the code or maybe its just automatically approved.

    Either way. I don't like it
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    Mind sending a link via PM? I'm interested in seeing it. xD
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    Oddly enough I don't remember what it was called xD

    Yeah, how can they approve files so fast with even LESS people than before?

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  11. Because of the above statement, I'm going to go ahead and give Curse the benefit of the doubt. And I'm hardly a Curse fan so I'm not being biased there. :)
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    They went from an entire team of 30+ volunteers with three years worth of custom tools and processes, to... four people and approval times under an hour? You can make your own decision.
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    Not an excuse.. and dangerous to server owners who have relied on bukkit to have some sort of quality checks on the plugins they install. I'd be completely fine if they come out and told the truth that the approval process is some automated system, and let admins KNOW that.. but go read that post.. jadedcat states all plugins are reviewed by humans.. its inconceivable that this is even slightly true, almost instant approvals and the crap that is being uploaded. This behavior will destroy bukkit even more than it already has..
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    As already stated, I would report the user who submitted this force-op type plugin.

    Furthermore, I would suggest reading comments about plugins and even check the plugin's source code if provided to prevent this type of stuff from getting on your server.
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  15. CMPSCdev A lot of server owners do not understand Java and wouldn't recognise a malicious plugin. As a side note, I have to admit that the type of person to make a malicious plugin and then deliberately disclose the malicious source probably isn't too much of a threat ;)
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    How plugin approval works:

    Plugin Submitted
    Magical Approval systems loaded by PluginClassLoader
    Magical Approval system registered using PluginManager
    BukkitDev fires PluginSubmitEvent
    Plugin goes through magical approval system:
    1. @EventHandler public void pluginSumbitEvent(PluginSubmitEvent event) {
    2. event.setResult(Result.ALLOW);
    3. }

    Plugin goes on BukkitDev

    As you can see, the new process has some impressive benchmarks
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    <removed> - < 1minute
    1] <removed> - < 1minute
    2] <removed> - < 1minute
    3] <removed> - < 1minute
    4] <removed> - < 1minute
    5] <removed> - < 1minute
    Name               Value       Type     Accuracy      Error
    .approvalTime    < 1minute    AvgTime    99.99         0.00
    My benchmarks were generated using JMH available from the OpenJDK page. The plugin names were removed to protect the privacy of their authors.

    My system used a Curse Model T Java version 1.8 release 69 JVM HotSpot distributed IcedTea OpenJDK. The specifications are as follows:
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5 <removed> (x4)
    Memory: 128GB DDR3 RAM
    Storage: 5TB allocated storage HDD (x10)
    SSD: Corsair model <removed> with <removed> GB storage (x10)
    GPU: None
    Cooling: Each CPU given Noctua <removed> and rack is fanned with closed loop water fans from Corsair <removed>
    Motherboard: <removed>

    The information removed was unobtainable through analysis. Further research required.

    All in all, the new approval system appears to be well thought out and planned, much faster, much better security, and includes an optional automated code optimizer just in case you need it. The Curse staff has obviously done a very nice job with plugin approvals which can be seen by the 100% testimonials found throughout the forums today. A major leap of technological engineering was taken during the development of the Magic Approval system. Without a doubt, I can say the the effort put into plugin approvals is greatly reduced by this one of a kind plugin review software. My special thanks to the information they have released to help test and prove the effectiveness of the revolution in software security.

    Of course, this is a troll because IMHO the new plugin review system is absolute BS. Thanks for wasting your time everyone!
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    My post might get locked because of this new conversation...but I'm not sure, since I didn't really start it out like this
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    It would be interesting to hear what Curse has to say about this
  19. I think one of the reasons why (some of the) Bukkit staff had left, was that they felt they didn't receive too much of appreciation for their work :p.

    While plugin submissions may be fewer, they certainly don't have 10-20 people who are trained with the submission-thing, so i would expect rather more slip-throughs than before, even if they had better tools, at least for a while. Another thing would be, if they would check plugins with much less precision in general, because such could use an announcement.
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    Modifying a list/map as it's being iterated?! Shame on you!
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    If there is any chance of bukkit continuing without a development team and the "bukkit/craftbukkit" product... as simply a resource for admins to download plugins, then quality control needs to be even better than it was under the original bukkit staff. If bukkit loses the confidence of server admins during this fubared era, then all will be lost.
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    If only we had a dedicated team of 30+ staff members to approve them properly, right?
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    *shrug* I'd volunteer, but afaik, there isn't a way to. I don't actually even know where some of the bukkitdev staff originated from either (Forum accounts made in september, no submissions on bukkitdev? Eh?)
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    Previously, there was a Google doc application. IIRC, at least one non-generic plugin on DBO was required for consideration.
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  28. korikisulda The current criteria has changed to "be a curse employee" ;)
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    Well timtower (bleh I don't like him) and cookie were added
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