[MISC] WeatherSync v2.0_1 - The real-world weather - Now with multiworld and more! [1337-1597]

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    WeatherSync - The real-world weather in Minecraft
    Version: 2.0_1

    Important note for those upgrading from 1.2: Your old configuration files will not work as-is. You'll need to copy over the new config file, and move over any old settings that still apply.

    This plugin keeps the weather in the worlds on your server synchronized with the real-world weather in a location you specify. It does this by connecting to weather underground every few minutes (configurable; 5 minutes by default) and parsing the weather. This means if it's raining outside, it will be raining in minecraft. This is also true of thunderstorms.

    You will want to configure it before you try to use it; otherwise it will synchronize your default world (named "world") with the weather in San Francisco, California. (Used for testing.)

    This should work for any place you can get an RSS feed with weather in it from WeatherUnderground. See the directions below for how to find this, and if it does not work, feel free to ask for help. Please be sure to provide the URL you are using!

    RSS feeds are now the only way to synchronize with this plugin. Old location information will be ignored by the plugin as of version 1.3.

    You can now view the forecast with the /forecast command, which is available to all users. It will also show the current weather. This command can be disabled, if desired.

    As a warning, I have not been able to test this to the level I test most things due to the nature of it. Please let me know if/when you have issues.

    Download (Source code is in there too!)

    Future Features:
    • Heavy/severe thunderstorms? (Sorry guys, there's no chance I'm going to have time for this. Maybe another plugin can hook into thunderstorms and make this happen, if it doesn't already exist.)
    • unit selection (determined by rss feed; see the ?units=metric/english at the end? change that)
    • None; I implemented everything else here! :)
    Time synchronization:

    Some people in this thread expressed interest in having the real world time on their servers alongside this. I was going to code this myself, however there is something out there already that can do this. Check out RealTime by Mechestrial for this!


    How to find your RSS feed (open)
    This plugin now asks you to provide the URL to an RSS feed to get the weather. The old method will not work past version 1.2. The method to get the URL to your RSS feed is as follows:

    Navigate to http://wunderground.com, and find your location.

    Around the height of the title of the page on the far right is an RSS icon. You need to get the URL of this -- right click it and copy the link address. It should look like:
    Take this entire thing, and put it in the worlds section of your config file.

    If you have problems finding this, just ask. My explanation here is not that good.


    Due to how this thread has been going, I am going to require all reports to include this information, or your bug report may be ignored.
    • An extremely detailed description of the problem.
    • That you have turned debug mode on in the config file, and then caused the problem to happen-- this will provide me with helpful insights into what is going wrong.
    • Your configuration file
    • The major error that occurred
    • The rest of the server.log surrounding that error. If you aren't sure, just give me the whole thing.
    • Any errors a client might have seen
    • Anything you think might have gone wrong -- your insights often lead me to the problem quickly; even if you are wrong.
    • Your build of craftbukkit
    • Any changes in your setup that preceeded the problems (installed plugins, mainly)
    • Your system information (Some of this is in /debug info)
      • (Ideally, just include all output from these two commands.)
      • Operating system
      • Java version
      • Any wrapper software you might be using
      • A list of plugins you use (As reported by /plugins or "plugins" at the server command line)
    • Any other details that could be relevant.
    Yeah, I know it's a lot and it's kind of a pain in the rear. Some of it won't be useful in some situations, but I only get a very little time to work on this now, and I really don't like having to put that time to waste just because I don't have all the information I could about what went wrong.


    Version 2.0_1
    • Fixed a dumb mistake causing some users to get the forecast for the last day available instead of the first.
    Version 2.0
    • Multiworld support!!!!111 (Sorry; had to do it.)
    • Re-enabled messages to users on the weather changing
    • Redid the configuration file for multiworld and some other stuff
    • Customization options for messages; you can now set what the plugin sends to users!
    Version 1.3
    • Never existed; I jumped straight to 2.0. Not sure what I was on when I put this version here. >_>
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed (hopefully) the bug with weather not updating once and for all. The weather will be FORCIBLY updated every time the weather is checked.
      • Note that client desynchronization issues may still occur. If you disconnect and reconnect and the weather is correct again, there is nothing I can do to fix this, sorry.
    • Changed the default method of specifying location to an RSS feed. Let's see how this can break things D:
    • Accidentally removed the show-forecast option which shows when the weather changes in chat. Did anyone actually use this? Redoing it for multiworld is going to be a massive pain if people want it.
    • Fixed broken forecasts
    Version 1.1_3
    • Fixed debug mode -- anyone who had problems please try again and report your issues again. Sorry for the inconvenience; it was my fault.
    Version 1.1_2

    • Fixed the weather randomly changing bug. Really this time! (I think)
    Version 1.1_1

    • Program now accepts blank configuration options correctly
      • (This fixes the null pointer issues.)
    Version 1.1

    • Weather forecasting (w/ forecast command)
    • Ability to show forecast on join
    • Debug mode that will display what the weather is on start and when it changes (new config option -- use this to report bugs!)
    • More failure-checking in the forecast changes.
    • Support for weather stations
    • Fixed threading/recursion..
    • Clarified config files.
    • Fixed various bugs
      • Weather duration not being set (cause of random weather at times)
      • Improper string conversion (That boolean bug that someone had on page 4)
      • (More that have been forgotten since being fixed..)
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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    That really doesn't look like output that should be coming from 707, though I have explicitly stated that version 707 is unsupported at least once. I also have [709] in the title of this post. At any rate, if you have issues, update cb.
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    Okay, I'll update it now, and then look what it says... :)
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    Can't get this to work for Alesund, Norway :(
    Any help?

    Edit: Yes i have CB #709 and it worked with default setings!
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    What are the symptoms you're seeing? I just tested it with Alesund as the city and Norway as the "state" (I realize how non-intuitive this is and will be addressing this next update too..) and it seemed to work. Failing that, try using the station hack above to use the weather station wunderground uses. (That's ENAL)

    PS: I'll get this plugin to give more output to the user when things go wrong, with or without debug mode on.
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    Does it also recognise smaller cities? For example, I live near Waalwijk in The Netherlands, would it recognise that?
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    It looks like it's working now :) Thanks!
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    My friends winge at me saying "ITS NOT RAINING OUTSIDE FFS" hehe. Thanks for the update.
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    this plugin works wonderfully, how can you say it sucks ? it makes minecraft feel so much more realistic by using the real world weather timing :D. currently its been raining for the past 3 days at my home in boston. its making my customers angry on the server when it rains nonstop :p
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    So what/where do i put in the config?
    My country is Belgium and city is Brussels.
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    Hey, you're close to me. At any rate, it's simple. I don't actually set the duration of the weather, so minecraft occasionally decides to update the weather on its own. I believe this is a simple fix, but due to the nature of this plugin it's a tad hard to test. Glad you like it, though!

    city: brussels
    state: belgium

    Yeah, I know; I promise I'll update the config.yml distributed with this to make it clearer!
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    Don Redhorse

    hi, would it possible to cycle to the weather via days and let a day forcast control the weather?

    let me explain:

    cycle the weather via days:

    a list with cities is supplied and the weather plugin cycles through them one after each other per day.. together with an announcement like.

    The following weather is being brought to you by London, Great Britain

    day forcast:

    add to the above the option to use the 3 typical phases of the day forcast for that city.. morning, midday, evening to make the weather a little bit more dynamic...

    that would allow for not only rain during a full real live day of gaming..
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    That's kind of a cool idea, but quite a complex one to code, too. I'm not going to outright say no about it, but I'm going to have to think about it for a while.
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    I would like forecasts too if possible, I had a look at an RSS feed and noticed that the one under the top one with the "condition: " in specifies what could happen for that day and a typical temperature... For example "Chance of Rain. High:15 ° C." for my area but looking at other areas you get quite an in-depth forecast like "Tonight - Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms early in the evening. Lows 40 to 45. East winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation 20 percent."

    So that could be a place to start?
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    I'm intending to include forecasts in the future; it's already in the list of features, and part of the code is done already.
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    I know you said America works but I was wondering if it works for Alaska too?
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    Alaska's a state.. yes, it should work. Weather Underground doesn't fail to work for Alaska, right?
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    great can't wait for Weather forecasting, have been talking about that with the other friends saying it would be cool to forecast when its going to rain in minecraft. great plugin
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    Don Redhorse

    no probs... just an idea... I don't code... I just flush out ideas :)

    oh yeah.. so don't get me wrong... I don't want to get an forecast IN minecraft..

    I want to use the forcast to control the weather, think about it a severe rain storm for several hours in real live and you need to run around during the rain for days in minecraft..

    I would rather see the weather forcast of the morning in a minecraft morning, the weatherforecast of the day during the day and the weather forcast of the evening in the night of minecraft and than the next location the next day.
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    I really like this idea but would like this to be biome specific/area specific. I'm reasonable at programming in java and would be happy to help if you like this idea.

    In depth description of my idea :

    • Specific areas could be synchronized with different real world places; for example: the main city could be set to my area code, but other areas of the world would be left alone to give some variety to the world.
    • Another area could be set to northern canada if you wanted to build something that required snow.
    • The reason for this is I live in an area with quite mild weather and although it would be really cool to have the main city be synced with the real world, it would be sunny 3 months of the year and raining the other 9; if the entire server was like this it would be really boring.
    If you like this idea i'd be happy to help programming it, PM me if your interested. [diamond]
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    There is no way to do this; weather is a global occurrence. Sorry.
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    Is there a way to manipulate what gets sent to the client? If you could manipulate the weather patterns that get sent to the client, you could theoretically create this kind of system..
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    I am not playing with that. I'll stick with the existing API, thank you.
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    How can that even be? That's completely client-side, and based on biomes. It won;t even rain at all in desert biomes. What makes you think the server can control what the client sees? If it could, then there'd be plugins that force players to use certain texture packs ;)
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    well, i just read what weather was and i now understand, thanks.
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    When I said "is it possible" I meant with the API. :p

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