[MISC] Valuables v0.2 - Metal/Lapis Block Cost Reduction [1060]

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    Valuables - Metal/Lapis Block Cost Reduction​
    Version: 0.2​


    This plugin reduces the crafting cost of iron, gold, diamond, and lapis blocks from 9 of the necessary material to 4 (2x2 square instead of 3x3 square).

    • Craft iron, gold, diamond, and lapis blocks using only 4 of the necessary material.
    • Get 4 ingots, diamonds, or lapides back when breaking apart a iron, gold, diamond, or lapis block.
    Download Valuables
    Source Code

    • Version 0.2
      Updated to 1.7.3
      Date: June 4, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 953, 1000, 1060
      Minecraft Version: 1.7.3

    • Version 0.1
      First release
      Date: June 4, 2011
      CraftBukkit Versions: 860, 928, 935
      Minecraft Version: 1.6.6
    Thanks to QQCucumber for idea and testing!
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    Very nice, i am glad to see you have released it :)
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    AWESOME PLUGIN! [done yelling] I like it.. It works great, loads quick and it's simple. I like being able to craft the blocks without a crafting table, very useful. =) Keep up the good work!
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    Can you use this plugin to create many blocks from 4 diamonds and then delete the plugin and get 9 diamonds XD?
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    Yes, if you delete the plugin then the recipe goes back to 9 so you could potentially dupe D:
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    Do you plan on supporting this mod for a while?

    IE: DO I have to worry about that dupe issue in the future ?
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    I do plan on supporting this :)
    If you want me to I can try to make a utility that will "uninstall" the plugin by changing all placed dblocks into chests with 4 diamonds inside and changing all dblocks in chests/inventory to 4 diamonds per block. It'd be hard but I suppose it'd be worth it (kinda) - that way they get a chest instead of 5 diamonds.
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    Why not just change the blocks into the singles then for an uninstall feature ?


    3 blocks becomes 12 diamonds
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    Yeah, but you'd need a way to change placed diamond blocks back to diamonds.
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    Change them to chests with 4 of the respective items.
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    Anxiously awaiting an update!
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    I have updated this plugin to MC 1.2.5. The author has to merge my changes into his repository, then he can re-compile it, to give you an updated plugin.

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