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    SupplySign is now on! Go there for the latest versions, a dedicated support forum, and ticket tracking system:

    SupplySign - Infinite Items Distribution via Signs (now with dispenser support!)

    Use this plugin to distribute items and blocks to your players by creating [Supply] signs that load a chest interface when right-clicked. These signs can also be placed on chests.


    The Basics:
    • Place a sign
    • Set the first line to [Supply]
    • On each of the remaining lines, put the name(or item id) of the contents of the supply sign
    • Right-click the sign to open the chest.
    Chest Sign: To place a sign on a chest, make sure it is not within one block of another chest. Place your supply sign on the ground next to the chest and it will attach itself to the chest after you are done editing the sign. Right-clicking the sign or the chest will display the contents of the sign. If you want, you can put two signs on a large chest.

    Dispensers: Attach a sign to a dispenser in the same way you would attach one to a sign. The inventory of the dispenser will always be full of whatever is on the sign. If you use a kit, or if you put multiple items on the sign, only the first will be used. Remember that dispensers require redstone to activate, so it might be a good idea to wire up the dispenser and test it before attaching the sign. If the dispenser doesn't work without a SupplySign on it, then I can't help you (I'm no redstone expert).

    Using Kits: To use a kit, set the first line to [Supply] as usual, then put "kit:" followed by the kit name on the second line, ie. "kit:wool".
    Default Kits: wool, dye, woodtools, woodplus, irontools, ironplus, diamondtool, diamondplus, goldtools, goldplus, desert, makecake, chainmail

    • Ops and players with the "supplysign.create" permission will be able to place supply signs.
    • Ops and players with the "supplysign.access" permission will be able to access them.
    • Ops and players with the "supplysign.destroy" permission can destroy existing supply signs.
    • Ops and players with the "supplysign.reload" permission can trigger a reload of items/kits data.
    • Players with "supplysign.access.kitname" can access the kit called "kitname".
    If you don't use permissions: Only Ops will be able to place SupplySigns. There is a config file option that will allow non-op players to access signs, but not place them.

    Data Files: After the plugin has been loaded for the first time, a "supplysign" data folder will be created in the bukkit plugins folder with two files in it: items.csv and kits.yml. You can customize these files to add new kits or modify item names. Use "/supplysign reload" to load your changes without restarting the server. NOTE: When editing these files, make sure the format doesn't change. On Windows, use something like Wordpad. There has been a report that OpenOffice can change the files in a way that breaks the plugin.

    Config File: Used to configure the ShowErrorsInClient, FixSignOnSignGlitch, and AllowNonOpAccess options. Check out the (automatically created) config.yml file for more info.

    This is an example of a SupplySign with a kit.

    And here is what you see when you right-click the sign in the previous screenshot.

    This is what a chest with a sign on it looks like.

    An arrow being fired from an infinite arrow dispenser. Watch out!

    This video gives an example of how to attach a SupplySign to a dispenser.​

    This plugin was originally based on the [Free] sign code from Essentials by Zenexer. Without his hard work there would be no SupplySign plugin. Thanks!
    Also thanks to vitaminmoo for testing this plugin and developing the kits.yml format.

    Old Changelog (open)

    Version 1.7.1 (08/09/2011)
    • Removed support for air blocks in signs (they break the game)
    • Corrected spelling of some items in items-base.csv
    • Replaced calls to deprecated Bukkit methods
    Version 1.7.0 (07/05/2011)
    • Added pistons and shears support
    • Access to SupplySigns on chests can now be protected by Lockette, WorldGuard, etc (allows finer grained access than previously possible)
    Version 1.6.3 (06/26/2011)
    • Added workaround for conflict with plugins that alter sign text color
    Version 1.6.2 (06/22/2011)
    • Fixed small bug related to custom items with a stack size less than the maximum for that item
    Version 1.6.1
    • The kit/item names are now case insensitive (suggested by Maxis010)
    Version 1.6
    • Replaced "items.csv" file with "items-base.csv" and "items-custom.csv" files to better handle new items added to Minecraft.
    • Added AllowNonOpAccess config file option (requested by Xiangliang2)
    Version 1.5
    • SupplySigns on dispensers now supported! (CB766 or higher required)
    Version 1.4
    • Fixed bug that prevented numeric item codes in kits.yml file (discovered by piousminion)
    • Added permission support for "supplysign.access.kitname" so you can restrict which kits a user/group can access (suggested by RaCooN)
    Version 1.3
    • Fixed bug where empty kits.yml file would break basic functionality.
    • Added support for large chests.
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed awful bug (discovered by Harushimo) that caused all signs in game to show an inventory. Oops.
    Version 1.1
    • Added new "supplysign.destroy" permission that can keep unauthorized players from destroying signs.
    • Updated to support Bukkit build 602. Servers running Bukkit 531/556 should still use version 1.0.
    Version 1.0
    • Added configurable option to hide client side error messages.
    • Fixed glitch where signs can be placed on other signs (can be disabled).
    • Config file support added.
    Version 0.9
    • Added support for signs on chests.
    Version 0.8
    • Added some diagnostic messages describing the number of items and kits loaded.
    • Fixed a typo in the items.csv file breaking birchwood and redwood. If you haven't customized your items.csv file, then just delete it and it will be recreated with the error corrected.
    Version 0.7
    • Initial release to the world.

    If you have problems: Check the diagnostic messages from SupplySign on the server console. You should see something like this when the plugin starts up, or when you use /supplysign reload :

    08:01:07 [INFO] SupplySign loaded 1092 items from items.csv.​
    08:01:07 [INFO] SupplySign loaded 16 kits from kits.yml.​

    If you see something like this:

    07:55:53 [INFO] SupplySign error: while parsing a flow sequence; expected ',' or ']', but got StreamEnd​
    07:55:53 [INFO] SupplySign loaded 1092 items from items.csv.​
    07:55:53 [INFO] SupplySign loaded 0 kits from kits.yml.​

    Then there is a typo in your kits.yml file and zero kits were loaded because of it. Unfortunately Yaml is a bit touchy about typos.

    If you can't figure out what's happening, post a capture of the SupplySign console output and attach your items.csv and kits.yml files to a your post so I can try and reproduce the problem. A screenshot of your sign could be useful as well.
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    Can you read the post above you?
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    Yes, Now i can but my screen is so small that i diden't see it :confused:
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    Can you change the amount of each item in the chest? eg:
    32 ironingot
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    @redsgreens not sure if there's anything you can do about it... but if I update the jar or change the config files and do /reload, it sets the config file to 0kb. I'm forced to stop the server and delete the config then start the server again.
    This has been an ongoing problem, not sure which version started it.
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    What is "okb"?
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    I guess he means 0 kb - as in zero kb - as in: empty.
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    Heh, got it. The 0 in this font looks a lot like a little o. Anyway, I'll see if I can reproduce this. Maybe a file handle is being left open or something.
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    Yes I mean zero kilobits. or kilobytes... or megabytes... Unit doesn't matter :p
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    Can you change the amount of each item in the chest? eg:
    32 ironingot
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    Use items-custom.csv for this. For example, add the following line to items-custom.csv:

    That will create an item called "myiron" that is a stack of 32 iron ingots.
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    Thankyou :]
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    I have my CUSTOM kit made like this:
    wool: [mydiamondb, myslimeball, mylapizblock, mygoldblock, myironblock, mydiamond, mygoldingot, mypaper, mygoldapple]
    But when shot from a Dispenser, it only ejects the first one (a diamondblock) How do I make it so it acts like normal dispensers where they'res a higher chance for a slot with More blocks in it?
    99 ironblocks 99% chance to get one
    1 diamond block 01% chance to get one
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    Sorry, dispensers will only recognize the first item in a kit. At this point I have no plans to alter that behavior.
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    Darn... I was using this for a slot machine :\
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    I've been thinking about this a bit more, and the way you've described it is actually a very straight forward way to do kits in dispensers. I think I will go ahead and implement it that way. Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    This is for you
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    Heh. I just uploaded SupplySign version 1.9.1 to . It takes them awhile to approve the uploads, but it should be available for download soon. It includes the modified kits with dispensers behavior and also should address the issue on windows where the items-base.csv file gets wiped.
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    Thanks :] Ill test it now, or tonight after school :]

    IT WORKS :]
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    "Err: net/minecraft/server/PlayerInventory"

    Im using MC 1.0.0

    The uploaded files still not work...
    i tried 1.9.1

    Man whats my mistake.. i dont get it ;( Pls Help me ;:)
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    Make sure you are running Bukkit build 1597. SupplySign version 1.9.1 will work with that.
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    Thx bro it works :))
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    I need help, i made a custom item to a kit, its does not show up and i get the error message:
    [WARNING] Error parsing items-custom.csv on line 0. For input string: "32""
    [WARNING] Error parsing items-custom.csv on line 1. For input string: "32""
    and the id number 32 is for how there is in the stack, so why does it not work?
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    Post the entire contents of your items-custom.csv and kits.csv files and I might be able to help you.
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    Ok i will do that soon, can i just give you 2 screenshots?

    Here it is
    and just so you know it, the kits one is yml.
    Kits file:
    items-custom file:

    I should probably quote so you can see i answered.

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    @Zubaru there's your problem, you modified the file in Word. You should download Notepad++
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    i got notepad++, and i thit not edit it in word but in the libreoffice version of excel.
    And thank you very much!
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    dude this is awesome im going to test it out right now
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    you should add trash signs with something like [Disposal]
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    Is this plugin going to be updated any time soon?
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    why update something that works?

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