[MISC] SitStay v0.2 - Wolves will stay sitting [935]

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    SitStay - Wolves will stay sitting.​

    Latest Version: 0.2

    With SitStay, your tamed, sitting wolves will no longer run to their demise when you attack something or something attacks you.​

    Basically, if you tell a wolf to sit, it will stay sitting!​

    • Type "/SitStay" to enable. It will be remembered across sessions.
    • Tame a wolf, tell him to sit, and he won't stand until you tell him to!

    SitStay.jar (v0.2)​


    Note that this requires at least CraftBukkit RB 935.​
    • Download and copy SitStay.jar into your server's /plugins/ directory.
    • Restart the server or issue the "reload" command.
    • There are no permissions or options to set up.
    Change Log:
    • v0.2
      • Added user opt-in with persistence.
    • v0.1
      • Initial release.
    Known Issues:
    • When a chunk is loaded, any wolves in that chunk will be standing, even if they were sitting when the chunk was last unloaded.
    Under Consideration:
    • Allow players to toggle SitStay on or off (for their wolves only).
    • Implement some limit to the number of wolves that will stay (to prevent excessive hoarding).
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    Released v0.2.
    • Users now must opt-in using "/SitStay". The player list will be persisted.
    • Verified functionality with RB935.
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    Nice plugin, very usefull
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    Hopefully it gets moved into Releases soon :)

    If you find any issue let me know!
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    Cultist O

    Is there a fix coming for the listed issue? Because I would find it very frustrating if every time I came back to my home chunk, all my wolves rushed out to greet me, in fact this would be worse than the original problem. On the other hand if you just mean that they appear to be standing, (but still stay) that would be fine (though a fix would still be greatly appreciated.)

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