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    ScrollingMenuSign - scrollable command menus
    Note: ScrollingMenuSign is now on dev.bukkit.org:

    All documentation for the plugin can now be found there. General discussion for the plugin is fine here, but please use dev.bukkit.org tickets for problem reports.

    ScrollingMenuSign lets you attach a scrollable command menu to any sign or map and add menu items to it. Right-click the sign to scroll the list of items, left-click it to select an item and execute its associated command. The inspiration for this plugin was the large number of Minecart Mania station names I (and others) have to remember and type in.

    Some possible uses:
    • A menu of station setting commands for Minecart Mania
    • Newbie user guide menus
    • Warp menus for your favourite teleportation plugin
    • A shop menu - buy/sell/swap items & credits
    • Controlled access to commands that users can't normally run

    See the Changelog on dev.bukkit.org
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    So what do i set the spawn-radius to 0, which one is the spawn protect. And I understand, I get mad over bullshit that should not happen.
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    Awsome plugin!
    very usefull!
    for now i made a warping room with every warp in the server..
    im updating it every time i add a new warp :p
    but beside the warping thing i have no ideas so if someone got an idea for what to do with it tell me :p
    im soon opening my server :p
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    download this plugin, and add your own help info. Then you can scroll threw the sign to click on what you want help with http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/info-helpcommands-v1-3-help-command-818-860.19515/
    main reason why i love the scroll sign. i have about 26 help pages.
    also changing the weather, and time.
    adding the kits that people can buy. so noobs can buy their first armor for 1000 gold. and not know the command.
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    dude i already have an help plugin..i have essentials...
    the thing i need is ideas of what to do with the scrolling menu sign plugin
    i soon open the server :p
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    uh HeLLo!!, adding the command so people can scroll threw it :p
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    Yep, spawn-radius 0 will disable the spawn radius.

    Well, the original reason I made ScrollingMenuSign was Minecart Mania. It was getting to be a pain to remember and type in all the station names (with the MM /st command), so I figured a scrolling menu of station names at each of the stations would be handy.

    I've also built time-of-day controls and weather controls.

    People have used it to create scrolling help menus in their newbie spawn locations.

    Using CommandSigns, you can allow users who don't normally have access to certain commands to run those commands. You can also have fairly basic shops using SMS + CommandSigns (read the CommandSigns docs https://bitbucket.org/levi_middleton/commandsigns/wiki/Home), since commands can have costs associated with them. In this respect SMS is basically a prettier frontend to the CommandSigns processing engine.

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    thank you..
    i just got an idea for scrolling menu signs :D
    im gonna make a sign which contain a tutorials for the things i will do in the server :p
    again very usefull plugin...
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    lol :) hope that is not me.
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    wow and to think that's the reason :eek:
    and my server would be bullshit without your plugin xD
    i've used it to create mobarena panal, mail panal, and if you're done with this onetime use i intend to use it for a lot of things including class panal to choose class xD
    hell i even used it to create (1-command) signs because it's even better looking than CommandSigns like random port (teleports you to random place so you can start building there ), lottery, sellpoint, create a bank account, warp to some place ...
    in my older server i created an ENTIRE sign shop using simpleshop's commands within scrolling menusign to sell, buy every block in the game back then and check the price like this :
    hell it's damn useful !
    so thank god you were to lazy to remember the station's names :p
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    can u plz make it so that left clicking scrolls and right clicking does the command?
    or at least a way to change it to that if u want to
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    Already possible - check the various sms.actions.* settings in the config.yml. Also documented at https://github.com/desht/ScrollingMenuSign/wiki/Config.

    Basically, do:
    /sms setcfg actions.leftclick.normal scrolldown
    /sms setcfg actions.leftclick.sneak scrollup
    /sms setcfg actions.rightclick.normal execute
    /sms setcfg actions.rightclick.sneak none
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    New release:

    v0.5 (5 Aug 2011):
    • ScrollingMenuSign now has an API to allow other plugins to manipulate menus. See the Wiki for more information.
    • Menu items may now have limited uses - see the new /sms uses command on the Wiki.
    • Menus can now be sorted with the /sms sort command (and optionally configured to always remain sorted)
    • Menu data persistence now stores the menus one per file under ScrollingMenuSign/data/menus/<menu>.yml instead of all in the scrollingmenus.yml file. Makes for efficient data saving (don't need to write everything when one menu changes). Existing saved data will be seamlessly migrated.
    • Now supports Bukkit superperms (but Permissions will still be used in preference if it is detected)
    • Significant internal code cleanup.
    @Cenarius, please take a look at the limited use stuff and see if it meets your needs :)

    See https://github.com/desht/ScrollingMenuSign/wiki/Usage (sections Sorting a menu's entries and Limiting the usage count of a menu item) for more information on the /sms sort and /sms uses commands.

    See https://github.com/desht/ScrollingMenuSign/wiki/Api for details on the API.
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    Thanks you :)

    i haven't downloaded it yet, because i went to read the wiki first :)
    but it seems like you made it so you can limit an option within a menu :rolleyes:
    the thing i had in mind is limiting the menu usage, the menu itself and not the options in it :p
    for example :
    lets say i've made /sms create menu &fMenu
    than i've gone and added 2 options ...
    /sms add menu &6option_1|/@command1
    /sms add menu &boption_2|/@command2

    now what i had in mind is limiting the menu it self like this
    /sms uses menu 1

    so now the player can use the menu only one time ..
    so if he picked option_1 ..
    he can no longer apply the sign so he can't pick option_1 again or option_2 ever
    or incase he picked option_2 it goes the same way he cannot use option_1 or option_2

    that was the idea in my mind :D
    can you make that :oops:
    anyway i'm downloading the new version in few minuts :)

    Thanks again desht, you're awesome ^_^

    EDIT: the new way of storing menus is EPIC :D
    -testing the new futures :)-

    the Global, PER-PLAYER thing is AWESOME this really could come in handy, specially if you added global sign use limit not just item use limit :)

    that's brilliant :eek:
    Thank you for everything ...
    but still, looking forward to hear your response about the sign limit :)

    one last thing !
    there seem to be a bug related to the new way of saving the menus ;)
    when i try /sms break
    and i'm pointing at the sign i want to break
    it says "invalid location : x,y,z."

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    Thanks for the feedback! Limits per menu are doable, I can get that in.

    Will look into the /sms break issue.
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    Thanks :)
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    Heh, nice timing :)
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    ehumm, will there ever be some variables ?
    for example lets say
    /sms add menu option_1|/@say &fplayer &4{user} &f has used that console to talk for the first and the last time

    so {user} will be replaces with the player who used the sign ..
    so if i used it it says "[CONSOLE] : player Cenarius has used the console to talk for the first and the last time"

    that would be awesome :)
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    You can do this already via CommandSigns - use the <PLAYER> string (I think - check the CommandSigns docs).
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    ps. i think you should add this to your docs :p

    for anyone who's wondering about this ..
    it's <NAME>
    gotta test that later :rolleyes:
    Thanks again :)
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    How does one make use of the CommandSigns syntax of @ and @g:, which checks the username or group respectively, to limit who can run the command associated with the line? I am trying to add these to single commands and macros but it is not working for some reason.

    Is the entry within the message field of the yml meant to be - command: @<user> /<command> (@g:<Group name> /<command> - For group check) ? Does this not work with the /@ syntax for CommandSigns?

    I am trying to allow only individuals part of Group A, to run an elevated command through the /@ syntax of CommandSigns. I can already have the line execute the elevated command properly, but I can not limit it by Group or specific user...
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    The message field of the saved YML files is just the feedback message you get when you execute a menu item. Nothing to do with the command.

    Something like this should work for CommandSigns @ commands (this assumes you have "always_use_commandsigns" set to true in your SMS config):

    /sms add mymenu Label|@username /@command
    # or
    /sms add mymenu Label|@g:groupname /@command
    • this example doesn't have any feedback messages
    • (note the '|' - vertical bar - field separator)
    When testing, I would recommend creating something like the above on a plain CommandSign first. When you're happy it works, then put it in a ScrollingMenuSign.
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    It works as you stated above. I must have done something wrong initially. For those interested, if using macros to run multiple commands you can precede the macro syntax with @ or @g: respectively. The yml file would look as follows:

    command: '@g:<Group Name> %<Macro Name>'
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    I can't reproduce this. Seems to work exactly as I would expect - I look at a menu sign and type /sms break, and the sign goes blank and I get a message saying the sign has been removed from the menu.

    (Oh and usage limits on entire menus is coming along well - mostly done now, just testing. Hope for a 0.5.1 release tomorrow :) )
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    ehumm that's wired :eek:
    but don't worry just breaking the menu with hand seems to be removing the menu ...
    it's very functional and easier than typing the command :p

    That's just .. awesome :)
    i'm looking forward for it !
    Thanks man ^_^
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    New release:

    v0.5.1 (10 Aug 2011):
    • Usage limits can now be set on a whole menu (in addition to per-item)
    • Some API updates (mainly around usage limits)
    • Fixed bug where creating a menu by punching a sign wasn't working properly

    So I've added usage limits per-menu as well as per-item. Both work, and you can even use both at the same time if you want. E.g. here's a menu which lets you pick any 2 out 3 possible rewards:

    /sms menu create rewards Pick Any Two
    /sms add rewards Diamond|/@give diamond
    /sms add rewards 2 Gold|/@give goldblock 2
    /sms add rewards 2 Iron|/@give ironblock 2
    /sms uses rewards 2
    /sms uses rewards 1 1
    /sms uses rewards 2 1
    /sms uses rewards 3 1
    So each individual item can be used only once, but the entire menu can be used only twice (per-player).

    More docs at https://github.com/desht/ScrollingMenuSign/wiki/Limiteduse

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    as awesome as ever :D
    Thanks desht this is really useful :)
    That's amazing ^_^
    imagine the stuff we can do with this :eek:

    this is really great :)
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    Live or Die

    Dam it.. i guess this doesnt work with permissionsEX?

    if not can you make it so?
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    It will work fine with PermissionsEX as long as you use the Permissions compatibility layer that PermissionsEX supplies (i.e. put Permissions.jar from the PermissionsEX zip file in your plugins directory).

    In fact, it should work even without the Permissions bridge. PEX v1.13+ implements Bukkit superperms, and ScrollingMenuSign v0.5+ supports superperms!
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    can i use with chestshop?, i mean is there any ways to use it with? like scrolling the items we want to buy

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