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    iron salvaging plugin - get some iron back!
    Version: v0.1
    This plugin allows for people who have sets of broken iron gear to salvage them into iron ingots again. to do this, place an iron block next to a furnace, put the iron you want to salvage in your hotbar, put the selector over the iron piece, and left/right click on the ingot. You should receive ingots back based upon the armor type and it's durability.

    • get iron back from gear
    Download the plugin here

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing my plugin
    Known Bugs:
    • the furnace has to be unlit in order for it to work
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    Could be made easier to use...
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    I like it the way it is.
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    They can just use the new Iron Ignots to make new gear and weapons/tools. I don't find a need for this plugin, try making a different feature ;)
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    the better durability your gear has, the more protection it offers. If you kill a bunch of people with iron gear, it'll most likely be damaged since you hurt them in the process of killing them. you can reclaim all this broken gear to get new ingots to make more gear, it saves the trouble of mining more.
  6. I use CustomCrafting for this. :) But it's nice to see a plug-in for this separate from the 'big plug-ins' for those who want it.
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    I like it. Good job, this is actually quite usefull in many ways. Also, could you post a link to the source?

    How could it be easier to use might i ask?[furnace][iron]

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  8. I actually suggested practically this idea (but i suggested a gold block instead of furnace - iron) to mcMMO. It's a really interesting idea and has a lot of potential especially on my busy PvP server.
    Make the block configurable.
    Work for leather, gold and diamond as well. :)

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