Inactive [MISC] RegionClaim v0.1.2 - Claiming predefined WorldGuard regions [818]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Nick Lozon, May 31, 2011.

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    Hello. I installed that plugin but not works /region claim. Why? Please help me!..
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    please make so it will when you are in a plot you dont need to type the id (of the plot)
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    what are the commands?
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    Why did the plugin all suddenly stop working for I now have to shut my server down at night what had happened here
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    Hi, my server is dedicated around plots. I really need this plugin updated. With a config. that allowed you to set the amount of regions a player can claim.
    I am willing to donate. Please let me know if your able.

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    Um..... I have a question does this only work for ops or does it work for all players. I mean like are the ops the only ones able to set the protection for the region?
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    world guard now has a built in /region claim so you don't have to worry! Just copy all your region plots from this plugin's folder to worldguard's region folder and you're good
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    Anyone know of an alernative plugin? The above poster is false, worldguards built in /region claim doesnt work as described. You cant claim predefined plots with it.
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    Can somebody send something about this:

    If players protect, other can destroy the blocks he protected. How can i fix it?
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    Cool plugin, however, do you know a plugin which allows the same thing but for undefined areas?
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    Good plugin bro, but how do i do so everyone can use it? apparently just OP's can use it.. i want everyone to use it.
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    Well what you need is a permissions plugin, such as bPermissions, GroupManager, permissionsbukkit. Then you can easily setup ranks and choose what groups can access what permissions node/command there is.
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    I need this plugin because with residence plugin it always says:
    Select two points before using this command! but when I select the points too!
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    Finally a way to notify players that it is within an area protect
    May shame I can not use it for my server because it is out of date
    the day is a day I jump for joy!!
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    Is it just me or is the download link broken?
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    Link down :( i realy want this plugin for my server ;/
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    Great plugin, but i think that you should also be able to set a limit on how many regions a player can claim, and a way to customize an amount of money to be paid for a region, that way, an op doesn't have to be on and they don't go claiming all the houses.
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    Dude, what is this for
    1.2.5 R4???

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