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    Nick Lozon

    RegionClaim - claiming predefined WorldGuard regions.
    Version: v0.1.2

    RegionClaim allows players to claim predefined WorldGuard regions.

    This plugin was made to allow players to claim regions in a "town-like" setup so they have immediate protection from griefers.

    It is important to note that a player only needs access to regionclaim.regionclaim (not sure if this is the right command yet) command in Bukkit to claim a region.

    It is more important to note that a player can claim any unowned regions. In order to avoid abuse, you will want to make every region have an owner that you don't want regular players to claim OR enable "claim-only-inside-existing-regions" in your WorldGuard configuration and add the players' group to the parent region. If you go with the latter solution, you would not typically give users access to any WorldGuard region commands.

    • Allow players to claim predefined WorldGuard regions.
    Download RegionClaim v0.1.2
    Source Code

    Version 0.1.2
    • "Unadopted" sk89q's method of using exceptions for everything
    Version 0.1.1
    • Initial Release - works, but needs more work.


    I will be cancelling this plugin and pushing changes into WorldGuard so "/region claim" works as outlined here. I will also be attempting to head many more region commands and functionality in WorldGuard. Look forward to some commits on my end into WorldGuard, especially those having to do with "town" functionality.
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    Looks very interesting
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    Nick Lozon

    Thanks. It's mostly code from WorldGuard's /region claim and /region setowner commands packaged into a separate plugin.

    I know many players want a command like this, not sure why WorldGuard doesn't have it - maybe the risk of a player claiming an important region? If so, they should create a "claimable" flag that can be set to identify regions that can be claimed.
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    I will be checking this out soon. It should help setting up a housing or market area with stalls or rooms for people to claim?
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    Nick Lozon

    Yes, I will post a video soon on how I configured my town with just WorldGuard, WorldEdit and this plugin.

    I want to make the plugin so the player can do /regionclaim and it will claim the region they are standing in, but for now I've placed signs on the empty lots with the instructions.
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    Awesome, this sounds like it's what i've been looking for.
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    Nick Lozon

    There is always Towny, but with WorldEdit and WorldGuard being one of a kind and very powerful addons, they are just one command away from being perfect ;)

    Let me know if you need anything or have any issues.
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    What if there is a region within a region? Say city1 and he is standing in plot1. Will he /claim plot1 or city1 o.0

    Whats the difference between this and

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    Nick Lozon

    I don't think region names are a hierarchy - I don't think you can have two "plot1", one in city1 and one in city2. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have a town and the lots are named like "town1lot1", "town1lot2" etc.

    That command is the same as doing "/region define" and then "/region setowner <yourself>". In this case, the region is NOT predefined - you are creating a new region with those commands. With my plugin, the regions will have been defined already.

    I hope that makes sense.
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    I like it. But I'm curious, could you take it a step further?
    Adding iConomy support. :)

    Let's say I have defined a bunch of regions defined and set to their respected parent, it would be awesome to maybe place a sign within that sub-region that would have a line for a price, the player could come up, right-click or something to the effect of claiming that sub-region but only if they had enough coin to buy it with. The plugin would send the coin to the player who owns it, remove him as the region owner, and set the buyer as the new region owner. Essentially scripting /money pay compgurusteve 1000, /region remove owner compgurusteve, /region add owner bob_hendrixxx.
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    If its demand is high enough, you maybe able to convince them to put it in.
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    Nick Lozon

    WorldGuard has flags for regions to set it as "buyable" and set a "price". As well, there is a "buy-on-claim" option I've seen. Maybe I will focus on looking into WorldGuard to see where this functionality went and bring it back rather than overdoing a separate addon - this was mostly for personal use and a learning experience, but I knew many people could use it.
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    Us especially, it is one of the first things to do on our server, buy a cheap plot get some materials, buy a more desirable plot later. Sq89q's world guard has incredible potential I just don't see why he half implements things, I've noticed several of his flags mostly newer ones don't work, including heal, and deny teleports, entry/exit messages.
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    sfxworks it doesn't
    Whats the difference between this and worldguard's /regionclaim?
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    Nick Lozon

    Ya, I noticed a lot of "brokeness" as well, it mostly confused me as I was trying to re-learn since I hadn't used it since hMod when it use to work as expected.

    First off there is a difference between "/regionclaim" and "/region claim" in WorldGuard. "/regionclaim" doesn't even work, but remains in some really outdated parts of WorldGuard's documentation. I'm guessing WorldGuard's "/regionclaim" is doing what my plugin is designed to do.

    I will run you through a scenario of my plugin:
    1. Admin creates a town with predefined areas for players to build in. "/region define plot1"
    2. PlayerA logs into the server and does "/regionclaim plot1". PlayerA now owns this area - only PlayerA can build here now.
    What this allows is the Admin can create plots, then without any intervention or input from the Admin, a player can become the owner of one of these plots. As mentioned above, "/region claim" requires that you have a WorldEdit selection made and it creates a new region with yourself as the owner - most admins won't want their players to have access to WorldEdit selections and creating regions where they seefit.
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    I have the very same setup, and this plugin would be PERFECT. It will stop me from being bothered to assign plots manually. Just 1 thing. If I have a town with 20 plots, whats to stop a player from claiming them all?

    If you could add a limit setting to the number of claimed plots a player can have, this would be PERFECT! (you would just have to exclude admins somehow so that they can own many cities in which the plots reside)
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    Nick Lozon

    WorldGuard already has this feature - it is in your world's config.yml as "max-region-count-per-player". I set mine to 1. Zero is unlimited.

    What I would like is if the "max-region-count-per-player" would change depending on your Permissions group.

    I do plan on contributing to WorldGuard - this plugin will be merged into the "/region claim" command as a fix. I will also be looking into implementing iconomy for claiming, selling, and other functionality like the "buyable" flag.
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    Whenever you get that video up and get Selling/Buying, this plugin I'll get.
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    So wait. Can players /regionclaim if they have a price flag and a buyable flag set in worldguard?
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    Nick Lozon


    For those following this thread, I will be putting these changes into WorldGuard. The functionality I've demonstrated here is how it should be with /region claim. I will also attempt to head many other region changes for WorldGuard.

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    was just reading into the WorldGuard thing and looks as if the buy/sell is new
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    Nick Lozon

    Yes, sk89q is listed as developing for iConomy...but with the functionality not even correct in the regions section, it may be hard ;)

    I will most likely be making some calls on how regions work, should be fun!
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    Awesome good luck to you :) Look forward to whatever comes of it
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    Keep us posted!
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    Nick Lozon

    I had to add some new code to reset the owners list if a player does "/region claim" on a region they already own. It is just what it says in the wiki, so I figured I would add it. I don't see many people allowing multiple owners on claimed regions anyway.

    I am writing test cases at the moment, and I'm just learning JUnit. Shouldn't be too hard though, hoping to push a change through in 24 hours.
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    It works. But unfortuntely, once this plugin is installed ANYONE is able to claim any unowned regions. Might have been useful if it had a permission node.
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    Nick Lozon

    Good call. Unfortunately this plugin has been abandoned.

    I've heard rumours of WorldGuard possibly adding this functionality. Also, there are plenty of alternatives.
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    Is this implemented into WorldGuard yet, are you still working on this, what's happening? Because I really need something like this.

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