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    Redstone Counter
    Version: v1.1
    Developer: Jarvisd & Pickle

    A simple but very usefull plugin that when hit by redstone current, adds one number on. The setup is on a sign:
    1. "~Counter~"
    2. Roll Over Amount
    3. Empty
    4. Empty
    With the roll over amount theoretically one could go close to 4.11 x 10^38. Which is as high as you would need probably. Rollover works like this, let’s say you have a rollover of 10 (2nd line says 10), you use your counter till it is at 100, you will see line 3 says 10, and line 4 says 9. This is the rollover function at work making the numbers easier to read. To get your full total, just multiple line 2 by 4 and add line 3. If you don't want a roll over, just leave the 2nd line blank, and it will automatically be the max. So unless you hit that number it won't rollover.
    • Counts, and displays
    • Rollover Control (You choose the amount!)
    Source Code

    Version 1.1
    • Added Rollover Control Feature
    Version 1.0
    • Release
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    Cool but could you screen shot a better preview?
    It looks too dark.
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    And so I don't get hounded by mods, very nice.
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    Yes I will, I suppose a night time picture was a bad idea :p
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    Nice one pickle :p
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    nice and simple plugin i like
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    wow, simple, effective, and useful, definitely downloading.
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    I didn't do that. ;s
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    Please view the plugin submission format.
    Changelog have to be in to version which contains v0.1, v0.2 or further
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    What about timer?
    And what 'optional' for?
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    Yah we are planning on adding a Timer function, and maybe a StopWatch one too, in the next version. Also Optional, can be any text you want, I'll edit it to be more clear.
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    New Release V1.1
    • Add rollover feature, second line, you place a number (if empty max amount till rollover). When the counter hits the said number in line 2, it will reset and add a number to the 4th line. See the demo in the video in the Op.
    • New demo video
    • Better Source Location
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    Oscar Varno

    Can you make it so instead of a rollover, that you make it so that the number on the second row is...
    an example will work better.

    Eksample sign:

    After the sign has counted to ten, it then acts as an output, so that you can for eksample make ten mistakes on a combination lock or something like that.
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    You should make on the second line a optional number. When the counter goes to that number, it will pulse for redstone (good for counters needed in redstone stuff!!!). Or have ~RSCounter~ for first line, and 2nd line is number it counts to and it pulses each time until the number is over the 2nd line... Also 4th line could be a reset after it goes above this number? Just a few ideas.

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