[MISC] PlgDisableCmd v2.0 - disable given commands [1.4]

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    PlgDisableCmd - Disable given commands
    Version: v2.0

    Since there was some demand to disable some commands without the use of permissions, I come to the rescue :)
    Just create a file "plugins/PlgDisableCmd/disabled.txt" and put commands (without the / character) you want to disable there on separate lines. That's it!

    Can disable any command, including hardcoded bukkit /help and /plugins or minecraft /give.

    Download (source code in the .jar)
    Download OP version (OPs can still use those commands)


    Version 2.0
    • updated to new bukkit API
    Version 1.3
    • More aggressive code, should truly block all commands, even for plugins not respecting the right way to handle commands.
    Version 1.2
    • Craftbukkit 600 compatibility
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug - plugin was not case-insensitive
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release
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    So im using multi verse, one world I wont to disable the give command but on the other i want to keep it, so could you make the plugin work different per world?
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    Oh that. I could but I don't have the time to do it.
  4. Multiworld support? OR better yet. Make permission nodes for the plugin.. It would be alot easier right?
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    Read the original post again and again until you finally get the sentence
    Since there was some demand to disable some commands without the use of permissions, I come to the rescue 
  6. hmmm
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    This is not aggresive enough! It is not able to disable factions commands
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    make sure my plugin is loaded before the other ones
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    If you ever find some time, I would love that as well. :)
    By the way still working great on 1034CB
  10. Hi Plague,
    I would love to copy&paste some lines of code into V10phone to disable CellMod commands but I see some problems:
    1. Which licence are you using for that (GPLv3 compatible?).
    2. It will take time till V10phone is finished. I won't release sources before the plugin get's released, too but I also want to make some alpha tests (performance, ... will search for server admins with heavy load on their servers when it's time to ;)). So I would have to give the plugin in it's alpha state under a closed source license to them. Would this be ok for you?
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    It's WTFPL so do whatever you want with it. I would be sad if it ended with a closed source, but that's all I would do about it (well maybe some bitchin' and stuff) :) So go ahead.
  12. Okay, thanks. It won't end as closed source: I will finish it and release it with sources or I won't finish and release only the sources for other devs to jump in. :)
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    It sucks
    it conflicts with /regios and regios commands
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    huh? this plugin does not have commands, how can it even conflict then?
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    It causes regios to crash, Idk why, but now regios wont even start even when i completely remove it from my server. Then I put it in again, and still nuthing.
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    When you completely remove my plugin from the server there is NO WAY it can interfere.
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    This makes absolutely no sense. Please, do not throw random blame onto plugins and their developers...especially when it's a user-error. If the plugin isn't on your server, then (as @Plague stated) there is no way in hell that it can interfere. Even if it was on the server, it is still highly unlikely that a Command-Disabling plugin would even cross paths with Regios.

    I highly recommend that you talk to @Adamki11s , and maybe he can help you out with setting up Regios (which seems to be your issue, in this scenario)
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    NVM It turned out that regios just dont work no more "weird" but w/e
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    is there a plugin where non ops can have access to a few commands???
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    why doesnt this work for worledit version 4.6?
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    no idea
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    Ross Gosling


    How about having a reverse version that disables all commands apart from selected ones in the config??
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    That would be easy to make, but I don't have time to test realease and support ATM. But you need to just change one or two characters in the source I think.
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    Apology accepted?
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    Ross Gosling

    well thanks, hope you look into it soon =)
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    Hi, i know it's been asked before, but can you try making this work for multiple worlds? i have 6 or 7 worlds on my server, and there's one world where i have a seperate inventory plugin enabled, but i also want the players inside to be unable to use item spawning commands.
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    I can try, but I have no time for bukkit coding right now.
  28. Thank you so Much for this.
    recently my Admins tried out a few new commands and ruined my whole city :(
    I think this will prevent it from happening again :D

    Thank You!
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    How do you disable commands with spaces in them?

    res tp
    ^^ Does not work
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    how can commands have spaces? I only disable whole commands, not their specific arguments
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    Oh, I see. There anyway I can do it otherwise without blocking all the /res commands?

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