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    Version: 0.2!​

    Change your own time using PlayerTime-plugin!

    Commands you get with PlayerTime:
    /time - Shows PlayerTime-commands. - playertime.time
    /time day - Sets your time to day. -
    /time night - Sets your time to night. - playertime.night
    /time morning - Sets your time to morning. - playertime.morning
    /time dawn - Sets your time to dawn. - playertime.dawn
    /time reset - Sets your time to the normal server-time. - playertime.reset
    /time info - Shows you information about your time. -

    Download PlayerTime v0.1 here!
    Source code!


    • Added permissions-support.
    • Released my awesome plugin.
    Me - made the plugin.
    Stelar7 - some help.
    Hope you enjoy one of my first plugins.

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    md_5, can you approve/denide this thread? Im been waiting for 3 days.. hope for approve btw ;P
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    Changed title and approved
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    Woohoo, your the best ever md_5 :)
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    I would definitely like permissions. I run a small server for some friends and i want to give the command to my friend who is building in his own world. The rest of us are on survival. That would be sweet if you made that in it.
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    The download link 404's.
    Also, PermissionsEx support would be lovely.
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    I slightly changed the link on my browser to see if I can get it to work. Here is a working link:
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    Okay dudes, i'll add permissions-support, PEX and all them ;)

    Now permissions-support is added! :)

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    But cant you already do this without the plugin?

    Plus doesnt the essentials plugin already do exactly this?
    I know I can already do things like /time dawn, /time night and so forth. Or If I wanted to be more exact I can do /time 500
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    Essentials do exactly this, but who use Essentials? It has so many unuseful things.. And this have more features, as i dont know we can't set /time dawn in Essentials.
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    isnt this command come with bukkit?
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    Cool Plugin! Really like it! I think the author needs to make it clearer that it only changes LOCAL time, not the whole server's time, like essentials does
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    Does this plugin change the server time? or does it change the time for just the individual player. I would like it if it changed the time for the individual. My reasoning is this: I have a creative world and I would like to allow players to set their own time as they need it. This way they can build and take screenshots in whatever time they wish. But I would prefer them not to set the server time for everyone.

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