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    PlayerChestDeath - Deathpiles
    Version: v0.3

    Creates deathpiles from once living players.

    • Creates deathpiles from a players inventory when they died
    • Places a sign on the chest, telling you whos deathpile that is.
    • Places beacons above the chest, aka a massive pillar of glowstone
    Download v0.3

    Source Code

    Version 0.3
    • ADDED FEATURE - Beacons of glowstone above the chest
    • ADDED FEATURE - Autodelete the beacon, chest, and the sign after a certain amout of time
    Version 0.2

    • ADDED FEATURE - Lockette support
    Version 0.1

    • First Release

    Delete your old PCDConfig.cfg as the new version requires new variables to write, so delete your old and it will auto-create a new one to correspond to the correct version's variables.

    Properties and Configurable Variables (open)

    PCDConfig.cfg inside the plugins/PCD folder
    #Edit this file as needed.
    #Death Message must be true for the death message String to work!Beacon Height choices, for now only temp are 10
    #Sun Jul 24 14:26:13 EDT 2011
    DeathMessageString=died and left a chest where he died.
    DeathMessageString - String value, shown message on player death IF enabled
    DeathMessage - Boolean Value(true or false), Rather or not the death message will be shown.
    DropsEnabled - Boolean Value(True or False), Rather drops will be dropped on the ground or not, if enabled it makes my plugin somewhat useless.
    SignOnChest - Boolean value(True or False), Rather to place a sign on the chest label(Lips's death pile.)

    SignLocketteeEnabled - Boolean Value(True/False), Lockette support enabled?
    SignLocketterPrivateDefault - Boolean value(True/false), by default the [Private] lockette tag is added to your sign, so only you can access it.
    Sign_BeaconEnabled(CrappyNamed, will fix next bugfix) - Boolean Value(True/False), enables rather or not the beacon appearing above the chest is enabled.
    ChestDeleteIntervalEnabled - Boolean Value(True/False), Rather or not deleting of the chest, sign and beacon are enabled.
    ChestDeleteInterval - Integer value, Seconds before the chest, sign, and beacon are deleted.
    Screenshots (open)

    Planned Features and bugfixes (open)

    Planned Features:
    This is is mostly for me to remember what to do next, but also for the community for them to know my goals :)
    • Death pile beacons - A glowstone pillar that plows into the sky, letting you know where that deathpile is. *ADDED, but half-assed due to me not knowing how to do it PROPERLY*
    • Lockette Support *ADDED*
    • Deleting deathpiles after a certain timeframe if the variable is enabled *ADDED*
    • Permissions Support
    • Configurable Beacon blocktype and height
    • Delete chest after its emptied.
    • No free chests/signs.
    • LWC Support
    Credits (open)

    • The awesome Bukkit community for support and inspiration.
    • Thanks to those who helped me in IRC
    • Lockette guy, awesome plugin!
    This project has been tooken over by Tux2 located HERE

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    Zoop! Version 0.2 is live.

    Derp, Source Code link is now up.
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    can u put permissions support
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    Can do, Added to my todo list.

    Version 0.3 is up, next version is targeted towards permissions support.

    Never used permissions so I have no clue how it works.

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    when you figure out permissions, you should allow to add a permission for certain one to be lockette private and other's be everyone. For instant's default would get everyone can raid it mean while admin or vip could have private.
    Nice plugin, saves the world from being spammed with lost items XD
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    it would be awesome if you could add lwc support. i prefer lwc for chestprotection. and can users break the chest/sign so they have free chests on death?
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    Yeah, also my Feature-Request:
    • LWC-Support
    • Option to place a sign (like Lockette) with variable Text (per cfg) on the Box
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    Sounds awesome, but can users get free chests from this? Can you add a setting which makes it use a chest out of your inventory, and if you dont have one, it gets dropped? Same for the sign for lockette support. So sign, no lock.
    That would be awesome if you could add that.
  10. Installed this plugin on my server yesterday and people love it. Could you make it so that it does not drop a chest if the dying player has nothing in their inventory?

    Also this might be harder, but is there a way to auto remove deathpile chests not after X amount of time, but once they've been emptied?
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    I will look into LWC support, and I'm not sure but I think you can, but I can fix it so you dont get free chests/signs

    Awesome man!
    Yes I can implement that, once the chest is emptied, it disappears..Should be too hard.
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    thanks man! if you add lwc support and fix the free chest thing, i will use it on my server :)
  13. Can you add a feature so that if you die due to the void you can get your inventory back through a command?

    Or just give it back on respawn.
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    Just a quick question what differentiates this from tombstone? I do like your beacon but tombstone also has compass support :)
    Edit: Also would you think about taking up one of the dead plugins that allow players to keep inventories through deaths (like noDrop, or pathogen, or a few others)
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    Can you make it so after a certain amount of time, the chest and items will disappear? I don't want death to be not as scary.
  16. That is actually already an option in the config file.
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    Link appears to be dead, thought I would sign up and let you know.

    (http://mchost.me/ I think is down)

    Post a few mirrors maybe?

    [Edit] Link is back up, I would still suggest adding a mirror, or two.
  18. Great and simple plugin, love it!
    I'm waiting for no chest if empty inventory and no free chest/sign on death (autodelete when empty would be awesome).
    Keep up the good work ! :)
  19. I've made a custom version of this for my server that I thought I'd share.

    -Plugin renamed "deathpile.jar" to avoid confusion, config file directory changed to /plugins/deathpile/
    -Added permissions (superperms) with node 'deathpile.use' (added UsePermissions to config file)
    -Chests no longer drop if player's inventory was empty
    -Changed "<player>'s deathpile" on signs to "here lies <player>"
    -Option to have plugin auto-delete only deathchests that have been emptied. (added ChestDeleteOnlyEmpty to the config file)*

    *Note that it still only checks to remove each chest ONCE, after "ChestDeleteInterval" seconds. if the chest is not emptied by then, it will have to be removed manually. This way if you set the ChestDeleteInterval fairly high (mines at 800) it clears all the chests that people bothered to get their stuff back out of but didn't bother to break. At the same time deathchests that were never found will remain until they are found and broken.


    wesnc if you ever want my edited source let me know.
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    thanks man :)
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    it dosent put your amour into the chest :(
  22. I could add that, keeping in mind that if your inventory is full your armor will still drop cause it won't fit in the chest.
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    LWC support!
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    that would be awesome if you could :D + would still be better?
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    Hey, this is awesome, but I could think of some improvements ;)
    Some may already be told.

    This can be optional:
    1. Take chests from inventory.
    2. Deactivate the glowstone, it destroys kinda much tings and people mine it very fast :(
    Or you cold make it not destroy blocks but ignore them.
    3. I forgot X) Will be back!
    4. Awesome man!
    5. Most is already been told, I read one more time. My bad :D
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    this plugin would be cool but there is 1 anoying fing about it ppl can farm signs and chests cuz you cant turn signs off and you can break chests . i would use it if only i could disable signs and chest would be unbreakable
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    I really want this plugin to work, it's the only death chest that has protection on it. We're trying to create a PvP server however most of our members aren't used to PvP and we want to give them a chance to get their stuff back after death.

    We're trying to configure it so lockette doesn't work in general because we have LWC and use iconomy with that so people have to pay to protect their chests. However we do want lockette to work with the chest unless you can put in lwc support which would just be awesome.

    Anyway, we have this installed and it kind of works, the sign is on it, I can't get into it, lockette is working for just admins in general but the person who dies can't get back into the chest until the chest disappears.

    Is there a fix for this? We're not getting any kind of errors, it's just you die, the chest is there, but no one can get into it until the time runs out, which we want it on a timer and everything we just want the people who died able to get back in their chest after death.
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    Is it actually putting the players name on the sign for you? I am just getting blank signs with no glowstone above either. hmmm

    ok, so i am getting something on the signs now but it sees the name as my jobs plugin name "master grimmy347" rather then just grimmy347. Can this be fixed?

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    Yeah, we got that part working. Sometimes the name is screwed up but even when it's on there right it doesn't work.

    The closes we got was the server admin died and had his chest his name had a k in brackets (that's his name in chat, but not game name) and then the first three letters of his name.

    We took off the glowstone, finding it destructive and easy to mine. But this is the only mod I found that has a lock clock for deathchests and I really want to use it to balance the server.

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