[MISC] P-Protect V 0.1 - Password Protect your server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by BlackDeath, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Hi I have newly made this mod/plugin.
    its protects your server with a password "batch" file
    Version: v0.1

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    To change the password just right click the "run" file and open it with notepad. edit 'password'.
    just remove the old run file and replace it with this
    IF '%var%' == 'password' GOTO 1
    WARNING: Don't remove the ' ' or it wont work!

    Protect your server with a password:
    * Protects your server with a batch file
    * Easy to install
    * Works for all bukkit!

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 0.1
    * Released the mod/plugin
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    tha d0ctor

    LOL yea a hacker gets all the way into your dedicated server and user account just to get stopped at a password protected .bat

    Can we get 32 bit encryption for the next version?
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    I want 256bit encryption. Give those ps3 hackers something to have to try to break
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    Hey @BlackDeath

    In your title: [MISC] Password protect your server, you need to add few things to it

    First of all the version to look like this: [MISC] Password protect your server V*, where the * being the version number.

    Then A Suitable name for your plugin: [MISC] P-Protect V* - Password Protect your server
    This is just an example

    but it makes your plugin more suitable and professional.
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    I'm sorry, is this still here?
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    You mean the password protect batch file?
    - yes
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    Remove everything out of this thread and open a new one in the Bukkit Tools subforum.

    written in java - NO
    is inside the plugin folder - NO
    does something IN the server - NO
    Needs bukkit to run -NO
    needs minecraft to run -NO

    So move it to tools already i doubt (not even taking in the part that this is 100000000000% useless) that this will EVER make it to Release
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    did I ask you for somthing?
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    this thread was a good read. i was thoroughly entertained. no offense blackdeath.
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