[MISC] NoCraft v0.3.1 - Disable certain crafting recipes [1060]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by BR_, Jun 20, 2011.

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    I cannot, I think I explained it in the bottom of the OP.
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    what if u will use Spout's features?
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    Still no.
    It's possible, but it's a roundabout solution and not one I want to do.
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    This still blocks CustomCrafting by the way. Tried blocking the default Map Recipe and instead made it all 9 Papers instead and it just shows nothing with alot of lag and client crashes thrown in.
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    D'oh, so it does... I'll fix it...
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    combine with custom crafting
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    Furnace support?
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    Good idea... there are so few smelting recipes I forgot that anyone might want to block them ;)
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    Thanks this really helps!
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    Please update plugin :( using to block lasers in ic2..but if i use spout for other plugins,have big dupe bug..stuped spout..
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    Please update your plugin for 1337.
    Other plugins like this one don't work because they depend on spout and it crashes all the time when i try to interact with items from mods like Redpower 2 etc...

    Keep up the good work, pleople appreciate it :)
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    Sorry, I've dropped out of Bukkit programming. I'll try to release one for 1.0.0 soon (school detracts annoyingly from everything else).
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    Would you be able to update Valuables too?
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    Sure! I'll make them hopefully update-proof, these two existed before Bukkit had nice inventory control.
    Actually, Valuables might still work. I'm not sure. But I'll update it anyways.
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    I need this plugin for v1.0.0
  16. I need this plugin ! Update it please :(
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    Any chance someone takes the source and updates it to 1.1?
    Would love to see such a plugin without spout... all others sadly are using it...
  18. hey, this seems great but can't work out how to implement it to work as suggested:/
    i am using a multiplay server so just added it as a plugin/add-on, and seeing here you say to "use the whitelist or blacklist", so i guess my first question would have to be does it matter which list you use?
    i mean in your example
    - 46:0
    - 345:0
    would that work in both to disallow tnt and compass or is this example, with "disallow" specific to white or blacklist?
    i have a whitelist which has gamer names associated with it. is it right to add to this?
    blacklist for me is only available as a .txt file as part of WorldGuard, is this the blacklist you're writing about?

    am i just getting this all very wrong? usually i am so it would be no surprise.

    i've attempted to add the code to all whitelist/blacklists in various different ways and have come up with no change at all every time.
    i copied and pasted from the examples set here, but could this cause the tab-line-entry thing to frazzle?

    i have tried putting this into the config file that is created by nocraft also with, thus far, no success:/

    also have tried using the in-game commands to adjust these things and found that when i type "/nocraft" i'm told to use "block:allow" rather than "disallow:allow"
    and to add either whitelist or blacklist here along with the id you wish to use it with.

    in my example i type "/nocraft block blacklist 46" to try to turn off crafting for tnt (because, as stated, i don't know how to use this properly) and receive the message "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"… i am yet to receive any different message here:/

    can someone please explain how to use this for me, spent a few hours deopping reopping myself to see if this changes anything and that's a negative too:(?
    i notice the header saying this has probably been discontinued because of banrecipe, which i can't find as being available as a plugin anyway...

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