[MISC] Move Inventory v0.5.4 - Moves Inventory between Chest and Player [1060]

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  1. Move Inventory - Moves Inventory between Chest and Player.
    Version: v0.5.4

    This plugin lets you move your whole inventory into a chest and the other way round. I made it because I needed to move a lot of materials from my mine into my storage. Instead of 1 minute of clicking, I now just need to type 5 letters!


    • Move your whole inventory into a chest
    • Move the whole chest's contents into your inventory
    • Switch your Inventory with a chest
    • Toggleable move report
    • LWC Support
    • /mi tc: Moves your inventory into the target chest
    • /mi tp: Moves target chest's contents into your inventory
    • /mi ts: Switch your Inventory with a chest
    • /mi v: Turns move message on/off
    Download: JAR/ZIP
    Source Code

    Old (open)

    Version 0.5.0
    • First Release
    Version 0.5.1
    • LWC Support
    Version 0.5.2
    • Double chest Support

    Version 0.5.3
    • LWC now optional
    • Added User Messages
    Version 0.5.4
    • /mi ts added
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    Grammar/spelling needs touched up.

  3. Fixed every mistake i could find.
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    Just a heads up :D Your submission might look cleaner if you put the
    tags around the all of the changelog - apart from two latest entries. They need to be outside of the spoiler.
  5. Done, thx for the tip.
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    A switch command would be nice.
    /mi ts, or something
    so your inventory is in the chest, and the chests is in your inventory.
  7. Sounds good, i'll try to add it.
  8. Version 0.5.4 is out!
    I added switch command
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    awesome. may i suggest you add chest/inventory sorting as well?
  10. Sorting by ID?
    Nice idea, i'l try to implement it.
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    It just says "Player not online!" a lot. Which makes no sense
  12. This shouldn't be caused by my plugin, because i didn't use such a message.
    Could you explain what you did when the message appears?
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    I like this idea, I wonder if you could add clear whole inventory or target chest to clear items in the chest?
  15. Nice idea.

    Could you please add Permissions support?
  16. As soon as i get enough free time.
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    Cool. This still works on 1.2.5. Even with tekkit and all the mod items.
    Thank you!

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