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  1. ClassicCraftv1.1- Minecraft Classic Features

    ClassicBuild is a plugin that gives the features from Minecraft Classic, but in Beta.
    This is great for Creative servers.
    Just install and reload your server. Thats it, easy huh? ;)

    • Disables leaf decay
    • Disables ice melting
    • Physics are disabled
    • Instant break (Using woodenpick. Loggable!)
    • Classic-type inventory. Most Creative items.
    (Source Code included in the jar.)

    Version 1.1
    • Added Classic-type inventory.
    Version 1.0
    • Plugin release
    To Do:
    • Add config for inventory
    • Add a sourcecode.txt
    • Multiworld support
    • Permissions support
    • Pages (Sepret inventory item pages)
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    @IncarnationCraft Plugins You might want to rename the plugin. It doesn't actually have anything to with building...
    Also, wget compatible download would be nice.
  3. Will do tomorrow. I do have to go now.
  4. Some name suggestions :D
    - Classicer
    - ClassicCraft
  5. Added wget friendly download, added ToDo list, changed the name
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    Could you make it support multiworld? that would be very very nice!
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    Yeah, multiverse support would be nice.
  8. I'll add it to the list of To Dos, Were working on the inventory management (The Classic type inventory)
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    Need to capitalize the tags.
  10. How does this get approved so I can move it to Plugin Releases?
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    Update the plugin to latest recommended build and change the title accordingly.
    Failure to do so will result in this moving to INACTIVE section.
  12. UPDATE:
    Halfway through coding, we found out we needed Bukkit Contrib to work the inventory.
    Were also running into a lot of bugs with the plugin right now, from the inventory.
    The Bukkit Contrib you would need to run doesn't require the client side mod, just the plugin installed on a server.

    UDATE 2:
    We may of just found a way to get it working. It does require Bukkit Contrib though.

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    hey i used this plugin and then i deleted it but the physics wont work. any ideas? i mean like the tnt wont explode.
  14. Are you using a lever for your TNT? Or another plugin like WorldGuard?
    And by the physics wont work you mean they're off (Sand not falling etc...)?

    ClassicCraftv1.1 Released:
    • Added Classic Inventory!

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  15. Any suggestions to add?
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    Could you add minecart boosters? I would be happy in the pants if you did that :)
  17. To the inventory? There is powered rails in the inventory
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    I mean add minecart boosters as physics or something, just like how it was in 1.3
  19. Oh, so like gold? I'll look into it :)
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    Like what :eek:
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    any way i can set this for one map?
  22. Were working on coding Multiworld support right now :)

    Thats not a signature!
    Delete it. Thats usuless advertisement.

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    Congratulations on making a successful plugin :) I am using it right now and it works just dandy.
  24. Server IP?
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    I am testing it in private but will open it up in a bit :)
  26. Ok, I just wanted to see it in action :p
  27. Hello. This plugin was stolen from ME! I am the rightful owner and developer of this plugin. This has been sent into Bukkit team members.
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    A thread owner change was requested and we followed through on it. You have now disputed this and so we are returning it to the original owner (the account that made the thread) who will then have to decide if they want to delete the thread and let someone else repost it or if they want to keep the thread themselves. We will not be changing ownership of this thread in the future.
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    for this to work don't the users all have to have bukkitcontrib?
  30. No, your users dont. The server does, however.

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