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    ~Version: 2.5~
    Zip Archive (with config file): [ZIP]
    Only JAR File: [JAR]

    MailBox is plugin used for sending packages (material) to other players. Players can create their own mailboxes. When player has a mailbox, he can receive the package. Offline players can receive the package too. How to send a package: Just write simple command: /mailbox send <player_name>. The package is item which you hold in your hand.

    Code (Text):
    1. How to install:
    2. 1.)  Extract to /plugins directory.
    3. 2.)  Change settings in config file: /plugins/MailBox/settings.txt.
    4. 3.)  Run the server.
    5. 4.)  Enjoy It!

    Settings (open)

    cooldown_limit = 50 // Player can send package only once every 50 seconds.
    delivery_fee = 5.0 // Fixed fee for sending a package.
    creating_fee = 0.0 // Fee for creating a mailbox.
    fee_per_1000m = 4 // In the same world: Fee is 4 dollars per 1000 meters. E.g 1500 meters will have 6 dollars fee.
    foreign_fee = 10 // Fee for sending a package to another world. e.g. from World to Nether.
    postman_profit = 0.1 // Player who created your mailbox, gains 10% of total fee from receiving packages.
    only_op = false // When you don't use permissions, you can set that only OP can send packages and create the mailboxes.
    use_mysql = false
    mysql_database = jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/mailbox
    mysql_user = root
    mysql_pass = password

    • Players can create their own mailboxes. 1 mailbox / player.
    • Packages can be send to other world - e.g. nether.
    • Mailboxes can be stored in MySQL database or in file 'db_file.db'.
    • Works with LWC (But works without it too).
    • Works with Bukkit Permissions. (But works without it too).
    • Works with iConomy. (You can set a delivery fee. But works without it too.)
    • You can set cooldown = player can send package only once every x seconds.
    • Ability to create a mailbox for someone else.
    • Postman - Player who created your mailbox can earn money. He gets 10% of total fee from receiving packages.

    • /mailbox ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox help ~ Lists commands.
    • /mailbox fees ~ Check the fees.
    • /mailbox check <player_name> ~ Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • /mailbox send <player_name> ~ Send a package to <player_name>. (Alias /msend)
    • /mailbox view [page] ~ View a log file. (For admins or moderators.)
    • /mailbox create ~ Create a mailbox
    • /mailbox create <player_name> ~ Create a mailbox for <player_name>. (<player_name> has to be online!).
    • /mailbox remove ~ Remove a mailbox
    • /mailbox remove <player_name> ~ Remove <player_name>'s mailbox.
    • mailbox -reload ~ Reload settings. You do not need restart server.


    Version 2.5
    • Added newest 1.2.3 Bukkit support

    Version 2.4
    • Added Vault support
    Version 2.3
    • New permission system - PermissionBukkit.
    • Added new command: /mailbox check <player_name> - Check the fee for sending a package to <player_name>.
    • Distance fee: You can set fee for delivery distance. E.g. 15 dollars / 1000 metres.
    • Foreign fee: You can set fee for sending the package to another world.
    • Automatic control of newest version of the plugin.
    • Profit for postman.
    Version 2.2
    • Added permissions mailbox.sendtoself and mailbox.noocooldown.
    • Added new command: /mailbox fees - To check the fees.
    Version 2.1
    • Fixed bug with cooldown.
    • Added aliases for commands. (/msend for /mailbox send) and (/mbox for /mailbox)
    Version 2.0
    • You can set a fee for creating a mailbox. (If you have iConomy)
    • Changed permissions.
    • Added ability to create a mailbox for someone else. (You can build a post office)
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    Version 1.2
    • You can set a delivery fee. (If you have iConomy)
    • Added a logging. Use /mailbox view [page] for view a log.
    • Added colors into command output. (better look)
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed 1 bug.
    • Added Permissions.
    • Added Cooldown.
    • Defaultly, plugin do not need MySQL database. But you can still use it.
    • Added console command.
    Version 1.0
    • First version of this plugin.
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    nice plugin how long did it take to make this? Since your new i thought id ask. any previous experience working with java/mysql?
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    I was making it 2 days. And yes, i am new, it is my first plugin, but i have rich experience with Java and Mysql from school. Oh, and i will release source code with new version. It will also contain a lot of new features :)
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    very nice. ill keep an eye on this plugin :D! Imo its best not to release the source wide open. you can if you want but it seems that ALOT of newbie idiots are stealing plugins.
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    New version is done. Plugin is now 1.1 :)
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    Hoooo Nooooo ! I'm doing a plugin similar to this one - '!
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    Possibly add a configurable delay between the sending and receiving of the package?
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    Maybe I will add it later. :) In next version will be fee for sending a package (iConomy) and some kind of logging.
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    MailBox plugin is now 1.2. Now, there is a delivery fee. You can set how much players have to pay for send a package. (If you have iConomy).

    Full changelog:
    • You can set a delivery fee. (If you have iConomy)
    • Added a logging. Use /mailbox view [page] for view a log.
    • Added colors into command output. (better look)
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    This is a very nice plugin.

    I have a server that, if you vote you get diamonds per vote, and we get A LOT of people who vote daily, so being able to send them a package while their offline has helped us out a bunch.

    Sure is easier then going online and waiting for them to come on :)

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    Love this plug-in! It has a lot of potential :)

    One question before I install it, can you also create a mailbox for someone else? That way you could make a post office, not let everybody collect it's mail from around the world .
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    Not now. But i will add it in new version. Soon :)
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    Ok, cool! I'll start building a post office then :D
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    Nice :)

    Would like permission nodes and the ability+node to create mailboxes for someone else.
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    Nice plugin ive been waiting for this for years LOL but ya its actually good thx for making this plugin :D:D:D:D
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    I'm having an issue getting this plugin to work on my server. I went the SQL route and linked it up to my sql server but every time I hit /mailbox create I get an error that "an internal error has occurred while attempting to perform this command". Help?
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    Check your settings in file: plugins/MailBox/settings.txt
    mysql_database - MySQL server address and database name
    mysql_user - MySQL user
    mysql_pass - MySQL password

    If you are sure you have good settings, try to change use_mysql to false. It should work without mysql server. If it will work, you have probably some problems with connection to MySQL server.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I know that the plugin is connecting to the mysql database as I can see the entries mailbox has made when starting up. Per your recommendation I set it to not use mysql and I still have the same problem. I see that it successively created a new file in my plugins folder as well. I also tried removing the plugin and all it's related folders, downloading a fresh copy from here and installing it again, first without mysql and then with mysql. I also installed a fresh copy of the newest bukkit build! At this point I'm wondering if this be a plugin conflict. Currently I'm running Commandbook, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, and Permissions 3.x.
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    Is there any error in command line during plugin startup? If not, tables was created successfully. So there is probably a problem with insert new row into the table. But i don't know why. I tried plugin on different computers and it worked good.

    It should not be a problem with plugin conflict. Try to install LWC plugin, it uses SQL Lite like my plugin. If it won't work, there is probably some problem with Java. BTW, do you have newest version of Java JDK?
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    Smart plug in but I'm having problems creating a mailbox, I can only make them if I am an op the other players get the message "you canot make a mailbox" am I doing something wrong? I don't use permissions dose it work without?
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    No, you do it right, but if you don't have Permissions, only OP players can send packages, create and remove a mailboxes.
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    MailBox plugin is now 2.0. :)

    Full changelog:
    • You can set a fee for creating a mailbox. (If you have iConomy)
    • Changed permissions.
    • Added ability to create a mailbox for someone else. (You can build a post office)
    • Fixed 1 bug.
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    ok thanks for the help and prompt reply keep up the good work.
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    would be good if this could work without permissions, is that possable?
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    OK, in new version i will add new setting option - so, it will be possible use mailbox without Permissions and without OP. :)
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    exalent you have made my day, truely you are a god among men.:D
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    Safoo, this is brilliant, thank you so much!

    Three ideas (coming from a mind perpetually in RPG mode):

    1) Probably easier than the second, adding a variable fee based upon the amount of goods sent by mail. So sending 1 cobble would be 5 coins, say, and 64 would be 5 x 64 coins? Or even 5 x ["configurable weight modifier"] x 64 coins?

    2) This is probably far-fetched, but it would be amazing to have "packages" that are sent longer distances to cost more. Perhaps calculating distance based upon the coordinates of the user's mailbox and the recipient's mailbox?

    3) If the first two are implemented (or either one), perhaps making a configurable option for the "postman" boxes to cost more initially to create, but to reduce the cost for the postman to send stuff? Basically, I'm trying to make it so that players could run a post office as a viable business.

    I don't know if these are beyond your planned scope of the plugin, or how difficult they would be to implement. Thank you so much again for this plugin, I've been waiting for a plugin of this sort for a long time!
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    Good ideas!

    A was thinking about idea, that delivery fee will be calculate from a distance, but i thought there is no reason to implement it. Now I have a reason, thx. :)
    There will be more settings, so the plugin will be more flexible. I will probably implement it in new version.
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    /ms alias for /mailbox send
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    Sure, in new version. Maybe tomorrow, or on Sunday. :)

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